Kitsch’n 155 on Clairmont Road Closes

Heather points to this notice on Kitsch’n 155’s website

Dear family, friends and faithful Kitsch’n followers,

We are very thankful to have found so many new friends and to have been welcomed into such a great community. You have greeted us daily with your smiles and eagerness to enjoy our food and fellowship. It has been a pleasure to serve you and be part of your daily lives, and an honor to have been part of your celebrations as well.

As many of you know we are a small family business and have made family a priority throughout this adventure. In continuing with that theme, Randy has been offered an opportunity to work in another family business, and we are taking advantage of that opportunity. Saturday, March 9th was the last day of operation for Kitsch’n 155. We could not have done this for the last 2 years without the help of our great team members who have worked side by side with us daily, and have become part of our family. We will leave with many great memories of our time here and would like to thank you all for coming along on our ride down 155!


Randy and Lisa Stewart

16 thoughts on “Kitsch’n 155 on Clairmont Road Closes”

    1. I agree. The food ROCKED – best milkshakes, fries, grilled cheese….ugh. I used their chocolate milkshake as reward for my daughter for soccer milestones…I still owe her two more.

  1. NOOOOOOOOO! Dammit, if I’d known, I would have gone and eaten one of their delicious burgers one last time.

    [long string of expletives]

  2. best of luck to you! we loved eating there and will miss you (and your tasty lemonade) very much!

  3. man this blows. the food was awesome. great soda selection. and the cookies were amazing.
    and most of all the decor! hopefully someone takes it over and keeps it going w/o changes!

  4. Too bad. I’m glad we went there on a whim last week. I loved that chicken salad on grilled raisin bread cut thick. MMMMmmmm.. And my wife would always get the crab cakes. She said they were better than some of the “seafood” restaurants around town. Darn.

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