Found Dogs in Oakhurst and on Drexel Ave

found dog Lil

Laura writes in about the first pup…

She is a super sweet dog with no microchip that was found in Oakhurst today.

Bethany writes in about the second pup…

We found this little guy wandering around on Drexel Ave at around 5pm with no leash, no tags, no microchip (confirmed at Village Vets), but a red Tshirt and a ribbon collar. We have a dog and two cats already, so we can’t keep him, but we think he must be from the Lenox Place neighborhood.

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    1. What Deanne said! And thank you Mr. Bad for keeping him safe until his owners were found. We may have to change your name now.

  1. The Drexel dog was actually just brought to our door by a group of kids who found him running all over the Commerce Dr/Howard Ave area. Did he get out again?! I recognized the photo immediately because of the red, white and blue ribbon around its neck. I was just getting on to send in his picture. Please help us get in touch with the owner; the kids still have the dog and we have a phone # for one of them.

  2. Yay, everyone is happily reunited. Can everyone take a minute to grab a collar and tag for their furry babies? Even under the best of circumstances, they can accidentally get out (mine has.)You can get a custom tag at any pet store for less than $5. No reason at all not to have one on them.

    1. I always wonder if maybe folks think it’s like in the olden days where you had to mail order them. Pet Supermarket has an instant engrave machine to make it super easy.

  3. The 404 444 1696 is my boyfriend’s number either that one or mine is fine to call. Please send us the kid’s info. So we can get Chico back.

    1. This dog is like Houdini. I contacted the owner this morning and gave her the phone # we had for Chico’s custodian (which was different than the # above). She called back to say the dog had just gotten loose again and she was on her way over to our neighbors’ place to look for him. Hopefully this story has a happy ending! Chico was so sweet and so scared yesterday!

  4. …Chico may need his own Twitter account. He kinda seems to like being the focus of attention!

    (VERY glad the little dog’s back home! :0)

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