Everybody’s Pizza in Emory Village Closing After 41 Years

Oh wow.  John Kessler posted this press release from Everybody’s owner Andy Kurlansky…

After 41 great years in Emory Village, we are retiring from the restaurant business.

We are proud to have served some 3 million pizzas to multiple generations of Atlantans since 1971.

Here’s to all who had their first dates at Everybody’s, met their spouse at Everybody’s, or celebrated other of life’s joyous events with us.

Thanks to all in Atlanta who have been loyal fans of our pizza, and who have been guests in our “home.”

But most of all, we thank all of the wonderful folks who have worked with us throughout these 41 years, for they have been the true heart and soul of the place.

Without their dedication and love, none of it could have happened.

Photo courtesy of Everybody’s Pizza website

41 thoughts on “Everybody’s Pizza in Emory Village Closing After 41 Years”

  1. I will miss the hummus. and also the salad pizzas. It was the first place I ate at in Atlanta, before moving here 25 years ago. The realtor took me there for lunch. It’s hard to imagine Emory without Everybody’s.

    1. I can’t say it was my favorite place or that I ate there very often any more but it’s funny that you mention it being the first place you ate in Atlanta because it was mine, too. On my recruiting trip to Emory almost twenty years ago, we went there for lunch. I remember laughing at what they called “pizza” but I was pretty addicted to their chicken and cheese sandwich for a while. And it’s currently the only place that Mrs. J_T will eat a “salad” 😉

      With Everybody’s closing, the entire Emory Village will have officially completely turned over since I moved here. That’s the story of Atlanta I suppose.

    2. This is funny. May have been my first Atlanta restaurant as well. Long before I moved here. I was in training for Southern Bell and the class went to dinner there. (1979?)

  2. This makes me very sad. I met Mr. Cat in an Evening at Emory class in 2004. We hit it off when a group of us went to eat at Everybody’s after the first class. While our first official “date” was at TDS, we have always had a sentimental attachment to the Emory Everybody’s.

    I do wish the owners well.

    1. TopHat Cat – while I knew you and “Mr. Cat” met at Evening at Emory, I didn’t know about the Everybody’s connection. We need to take the kids there and have dinner before it’s closed for good!

  3. I’ve never eaten there, but I have to wonder something. If this place is any good, it must have a following after being around for four decades, so how can it not be a business that can be sold outright instead of simply closing the doors?

    1. I’m not saying this has happened to Everybody’s, but I know of a case where negotiations for the sale of a restaurant were well along, then suddenly fell through with no explanation from the potential buyers. The sellers, having lost several key employees because they were honest with them about the pending sale, ended up closing down when their lease ran out.

      Low and behold the new tenants to fill the empty space turn out to be the same group that dropped out of the earlier negotiations. If you know that owners want out of a business and find out that their lease is up for renewal in a short period, it is cheaper to just wait them out.

      One way to get this kind of information may be to hire as your lawyer the person who happens to also be the landlord’s lawyer.

    2. I had the same thought. Why aren’t they selling?

      And charlie, not only would that be a huge conflict of interest, such behavior would expose all of the underhanded parties to numerous civil claims.

    3. There is a lot more going on than just people getting tired and shutting doors. There are three owners and a lot of bad blood.

  4. My husband and I practically grew up in Emory Village. This is just heart-breaking. We have eaten at Everybody’s since it opened. This is truly the end of an era.

  5. Are they really closing? All the statement says is that the owners are retiring. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are closing.

  6. A tragic loss! This has been a veritable mainstay of Emory Village, always full of wonderful people – and definitely amongst that number would be Ken, Todd, Bebop, Mike, Ashley, Megan, Robin – the whole crew. You will be sorely missed!

  7. After being a loyal customer since the “Share a cable spool table with friendly strangers” days of the place, I found myself living just up the road in the early ’80s. I kept showing up and pestering Jim the manager until i got a job there. I have never since worked with a better, more “colorful” and memorable bunch of people. Thanks for the memories!

  8. Steady Hand Pour House (the coffee shop next door) is also closing. The new tenant of Everbody’s is kicking them out.

      1. A pizza place/brewpub affiliated with 5 Seasons Brewing. Looks like they also are getting Steady Hand’s space, too.

        1. This is great mews!. From Tomorrow’s News Today:
          “In place of Everybody’s, Crawford Moran, brewmaster of 5 Seasons Brewing, will open a new restaurant, Slice & Pint. As its name suggests, the restaurant will serve pizza and will also have a microbrewery serving craft beer. Due to the age of the restaurant and enhancements Moran has planned, it’s likely the restaurant won’t open for a few months. “

  9. So many memories, including my 1973 first visit as a high school senior, my visits while a student at Emory and my visits with my family through today. Thank you for the memories. We will miss you!

  10. This is dreadful. It was one of the first places I took my husband when he moved to town, and it’s our go-to place for takeout. I loved those pizza salads.

    It was either my first or second place to eat in Atlanta — it was either there or Jaggers (RIP).

  11. We must come by for one more Thai chicken pizza salad….

    You’re a part of Emory history. Good luck in your next venture Andy

    Love, R

  12. The first place we went out to as a family after our first child was born. I think Everybody’s pizza crust was the first food he had besides formula or baby food to chew. I still remember that look of joyful discovery on his face as he chowed down. He’s a teenager now.

  13. Everybody’s will truly be missed. I loved their greek salads and hummus. I heard the Purple Corkscrew has good hummus and wine so I guess I’ll be going there for now. I feel so sorry for the staff that’s been there for years. What will the Village be without it?

  14. So sad. One of our favorite places from 1973 until my husband finished his master’s at Georgia Tech. We could eat anything then! We would order a large pizza and the waitress would always say, “Do you know how LARGE our LARGE is???” I would have a part of a piece and my thin husband would finish it! The last time we were there, my daughter had been through some near-fatal health problems at Egleston in Decatur. We went there to celebrate. That was nearly 26 years ago. (She is healthy and getting married in May!) Thank you for wonderful pizza and great memories! Enjoy your retirement….you will never be duplicated!

  15. I can’t believe Steady Hand is getting kicked out like that. Those guys not only make great coffee but they’re good, genuine people and don’t deserve to be treated like that. Won’t catch me eating at the new place any time soon.

    1. No kidding. Dale and the other guys at Steady Hand are truly awesome. Does anyone know if Steady Hand will open up in a different location?

  16. I waitressed at Everybody’s in the late 70s ….we were more of a family group than a work crew. We had a great time…we worked hard and made good money. A winning combination!

    1. And it was until the last couple years, too! There is a former employee facebook page!

  17. Wow. I know it sounds clichéd, but this place really is an institution, especially to Emory & the surrounding community. No, not the greatest pizza in the world, but always consistent, and a good place with good people, where you could always feel you were on familiar turf. Very sad to see it go!

  18. There was some nasty business between the owners and I pretty much consider this karma for the “victors”. Phil Paymer was the heart and soul of the place- he and his wife were married at the bar back in the early 70s – and without him EB’s wasn’t the same on ANY level.

  19. It doesn’t sound like very many of the people who are bemoaning the loss of Everybody’s Pizza have actually eaten there in a long, long time.

  20. I wouldn’t assume that. Many of us shared early memories, that’s all. That said, I work at Emory and eat there just a few times a year.

  21. I literally grew up going to Everybody’s. After I moved away, everytime I came home Everybody’s was the first place I ate! Love, love, love the Everybody’s salad and pizza! I am so sad at the closing. I know for sure it was not a lack of business. I cannot imagine the number of times I have eaten there! It has to be hundreds of times. I actually ate there twice in one day, as I knew I was going back to Arkansas and had to have my fix for a few more months!

    First Huey’s on Peachtree, and now Everybody’s! I was supposed to come home to Atlanta this week for spring break, but got ill and could not come. Now, alas, no more Everybody’s! You will be sadly missed by many, many people, including myself! May God bless you and your family at this time in your lives!

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