Summer Camp-a-Palooza at Winnona Park Elementary This Friday

Principal Greg Wiseman sends along this announcement…

Scrambling For Summer Camp Ideas for Your Kids?

Come to the first annual Summer Camp-A-Palooza at Winnona Park Elementary School:

  • When: This Friday, March 8
  • Time: 8:00AM to 10:00 AM
  • Where: WP Cafe

Over 20 representatives from local camps will be in the Winnona Park cafe to share information with you (See list below). Interested parents should consider bringing information from camps they have been pleased with in the past to share with one another as well. We hope this will be a very useful to our school community as we plan our summer.

  • Decatur First Baptist
  • Sylvia Cross Art Camp
  • Miss Janice’s Summer Camp
  • Color Wheel
  • Wild Oats & Billy Goats
  • Miss Stephanie’s Art Camp
  • YMCA
  • All Sports Camp at Agnes Scott
  • Emory Tennis Camp
  • Emory Basketball Camp
  • Wall Crawler Rock Club
  • Camp Stardust
  • Circus Camp
  • Imagine That Fun!
  • City of Decatur Recreation Department
  • Girls Rock!
  • Camp Scene
  • Carlos Museum
  • The Pottery Place
  • The Wylde Center

13 thoughts on “Summer Camp-a-Palooza at Winnona Park Elementary This Friday”

  1. While I’m thankful that the school district has tried to do something very good here (and they didn’t have to do it), I’m wondering why it was scheduled for a weekday. I’m thinking that a large number of people who are in need of summer camps for their kids are working outside the home and do not have the ability to attend Camp-a-Palooza on a Friday.

    1. Bah. If you really loved your kid, you’d quit your job to attend events like this. And if you quit your job, you’d be home all summer and wouldn’t even need a camp in the first place. C’mon Scott, stop being selfish and think of the kids!

      1. Yeah and if we all quit our jobs and stay at home, we won’t be able to afford to be at home and then we’ll have to leave COD and that will be one less revenue-negative family and enrollment will decline and all will be well.

    2. I suspect it’s because the event replaces the normal monthly coffee chat with Principal Wiseman. Perhaps the schools figured parents already had the timeslot on their schedules?

      1. Yes, many did. I think that it is great that this is being offered and don’t understand all the negativity.

        1. As a parent who works full-time who needs this info as I frantically scramble to schedule summer child care, I understand the frustrations. Glad its offered, and happy for those who can go -to but a lot of us who need it will be ….at work.

        2. Not negative. Better to do this than not. But there is some irony here in that the parents who most need camp coverage have the hardest time getting the time off.

  2. The event was a great success! Over 100 parents attended. Plenty of flyers available at the school for parents who couldn’t make the event.

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