Free, Reliable Decatur Wi-Fi Coming To Public Spaces in March

From The Decatur Minute

Beginning March 1, Decatur will be offering free public Wi-Fi in several public spaces: downtown Decatur, the Oakhurst business district, Oakhurst Park, Glenlake Park, McKoy Park, and Adair Park. These spaces are ideally suited for work and play, and now users can count on a reliable Wi-Fi signal free of charge!

Residents and visitors will now be able to stay connected with their smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices while in these community spaces.

I believe the way this wi-fi will be different from the old Decatur wi-fi, is that not only will it be “reliable”, but it also it would be provided at a faster speed and there will be no time-limit.  I’m sure the city will correct me if I’m wrong!

9 thoughts on “Free, Reliable Decatur Wi-Fi Coming To Public Spaces in March”

  1. Can’t wait for spring so I can walk to Glenlake Park or Adair Park with my laptop and get some work done in the grass! (well, a lack of electrical plugs might pose an issue, but even just an hour of quality park-work-time would be awesome!)

  2. I wonder how many connections before it maxes out and people start getting tossed?

    When I attend conferences at convention centers/hotels this is a common problem — too many people trying to access too few access points. It may work on a “typical day”, but I suspect the infrastructure is not in place to handle a well attended in-town event. Like the book fest or beer fest.

    But if it is free, who am I to complain?

    I presume our City of Decatur taxes pay for this? I would (for purely technical reasons) like to learn the costs and technical specs.

  3. Wouldn’t be easiest to just make the world WiFi accessible? Kind of like the Internet?

    I realize that our human tribalism gets in the way of world-wide collaboration. And there’s the folks who say that everything should be privatized, even each road we drive or the air we breathe, but from a purely operational point of view, wouldn’t universal WiFi make sense?

    1. Believe me, Bub…it’s coming. Google will do it and collect your data any time, anywhere…in the world.

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