Decatur City Commission Creates Lifelong Communities Advisory Board

OK, finally back to stealing things from Patti Garrett’s newsletter/blog

The City Commission has just created the Lifelong Communities Advisory Board to assist with the implementation and expansion of the City’s Lifelong Community Activities.

A City of Decatur Lifelong Communities Advisory Board “will provide guidance to the City Commission regarding programs and goals of the City’s Community and Economic Development Division to help citizens stay in their homes and participate in the community as they age in place along with guidance and assist with implementing the recommendations to promote positive outcomes of the 2010 Strategic Plan.”

For more information about this new Citizen Advisory Board, see:

More information about this Board will also be included in the March Decatur Focus.

3 thoughts on “Decatur City Commission Creates Lifelong Communities Advisory Board”

  1. My 79 year old mom is moving in across the street from us and is thrilled to hear this. We are also.

  2. I’m not 79 (yet) and I’m excited! This shows fidelity to the strategic planning process in which several focus groups brought up the importance of Decatur becoming a lifelong community. Another reason to stay in Decatur after the children move on……..

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