Menu For Avondale’s New Pallookaville Restaurant


FMFats sends along this graphic of the menu for the new “Palookaville” restaurant opening in downtown Avondale soon, which was recently revealed on their Facebook page.

Patch reported on the new restaurant spot back in December.

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  1. In keeping with the tradition of moving the discussion of new businesses to the most important denominator – I really like the font of this menu. It conveys a nostalgic feel that fits with the corndog theme of the establishment. I’m hungry.

    1. I think this will establish what they call “critical mass.” If you are anywhere in Atlanta and you want a hot dog, you will now think “Avondale.”

      The Avondale brand is going to be well known: Tudor buildings (mostly empty), second hand stores and hot dogs.

      1. @warren buffet – nothing nice to say? Jeeez. Please consider udpating your facts.

        Very few Tudor buildings: one occupied by City Hall (bursting at the seams), one will be fully occupied by Palookaville, and the third finally has high quality local owners (Oakhurst Realty Partners) and is partially occupied with a diverse set of tenants with a new tenant (women’s fitness) scheduled to open in March. Any others are caught up in the bankrupcy proceedings.

        1. Except for the admittedly overly snarky “mostly empty” remark, I thought I was saying nice things about Avondale. I will point out that there still three empty restaurant spaces in downtown Avondale. I do hope they will get filled soon.

          1. Really only one ready-to-go empty restaurant space: the old James Joyce. The old Pizza Cafe is no great shakes (also, part of the bankruptcy proceedings and planned for demolition) and the Thumbs Ups building was stripped as the o/o left town.

            1. Well, the erector set on College isn’t “move in ready” either. But an empty space is an empty space and they all detract from the vitality (and aesthetics) of the place. Avondale is a laggard in development – that has been the reputation for a long time – and I hope they can turn it around.

        2. Could you say more about the “women’s fitness” in Avondale? Is that going to be a retail store, or a gym?

      2. Tho’ I will have to give you second hand stores and hot dogs (skip’s, P’ville and Pine Street Market).

        And also “canine” dogs and dog services – Avondale is a great place for dogs – the city is loaded with dogs and dog salons and dog training and sidewalks and parks and … stuff.

        1. And yet, no dog park. I’m still bitter about not having the chance to stand in front of the Commissioners to voice (yet again) my support for a dog park in a public hearing on the matter. They basically listened to the “I support a dog park, but not THERE… or there… or there…” folks at the work session then quietly scrapped the whole thing by not putting it on the public hearing agendas.

          Oh well, here’s hoping the Pallookaville folks will stay true to their dog-friendly roots and let us sit on the patio with our pooch and a good beer.

          1. Would the City of Avondale consider a dog park in the commercial district? One that can be used by anyone, whether from Decatur, Avondale, Scottdale, etc., bringing more folks to the City to patronize the shops and restaurants? Wouldn’t that be a great downtown amenity?

            A perons could go to Avondale to meet friends; have coffee (Urban Grounds or Good Karma) while exercising your dog in the new dog park, walk to the butcher (PSM), the baker (Sweet n Sinful), and candlestick purveyor (OK, no maker, but probably candlestickes at one of the second hand shops mentioned by warren buffet), original art (Rail Arts District, Little Tree Studios, Ray’s Indian Originals, Mudfire Gallery) and pick up wine (Little Wine Shop) or beer (The Beer Growler) to celebrate life and dogs.

            1. I think that would be a grand plan, but what to do with the dog while visiting the businesses? I occasionally walk my dog in the retail area and have tied her up outside to run in for a second, but it certainly doesn’t leave time for browsing and even with a very directed mission, some places really don’t have a good place to leave a dog even to dash in. And, I remain convinced there will be some segment of folks who will bemoan every space identified, while still claiming to support a dog park in theory. In the commercial district it will be some non-sense like “We can’t mix dogs with dog-fearing customers! It’ll destroy the businesses down there!” There is always something. And so far there has been a lot of thought about how to have a dog park, but keep everyone not from AE out. So I’m not sure inviting the surrounding communities would sit well. Nevermind that all the surrounding communities already have dog parks! Oh, and, ironically, using the wasted space in the commercial area would actually cost the city more because it would have to be reclaimed from the asphalt jungle and made into green space in addition to having to acquire it. The sites that have been reviewed so far were already parks that would require minimal alteration to become a dog park.

      3. Avondale also has:
        One of the finest charcuteries in the state (Pine Street Market)
        An incredibly creative baker on Pine Street (Sweet ‘n’ Sinful)
        The best selection of takeout draft beer on this side of town (The Growler Store)
        Two decent pizza joints [at both of which you can get a decent draft brewski to boot] (Avondale Pizza Kitchen and Savage Pizza)
        A very cool arts district on Franklin Street (Railway Arts District))
        One of the best meat and threes in the metro area (Our Way Cafe)
        A highly respected craft brewery aborning (Wild Heaven)
        A walkable downtown ripe for redevelopment as the economy recovers.

      1. I was under the impression that was to have a full bar – oh well – their food is well suited for beer anyway!

    2. The Rolypoleon is vegetarian – it’s a deep fried giant pickle. (And it is shockingly delicious.) I’m glad to see their restaurant will have other veggie offerings – the website/menu for the food truck says pretty plainly that they don’t believe in “fakeon, soysage, or mock dogs.”

  2. Now, I have to figure out where I can get a corndog for lunch. Damn you DM 🙂 In the future, please refrain from making similar posts until after lunchtime.

  3. Wow, I thought there’d be more excitement and less snideness about this. I love Skips for a cheap family meal, but I think this will have a much different atmosphere. Plus tables out in front of the building to bring some life to that downtown area. And something called a Cornleone. Seems like a win-win.

    1. Word is that there will be an event space on the second floor.

      And something about “adult” milkshakes (are those made with beer?).

  4. “Wow, I thought there’d be more excitement and less snideness about this.” — You must not hang around here much.

    1. I love snarkiness about frozen yogurt joints, Trader Joes idolatry, Wal-Mart paranoia, sharrows. But why deny yourself the excitement about pickle plates and specialty corndogs?? I have noticed that the one snark-free zone seems to be the Indigo Girls benefit concert for the Friends School. That, apparently, is sacred ground.

        1. I’m just jealous because my daughter’s little childcare place on Memorial isn’t getting the Indigo Girls anytime soon. My dream for our place would be a Patterson Hood benefit: “Daddy Needs a Drink,” cover of J. Prine’s “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin,” cover of “Everybody Needs Love,” “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife.”

        1. I’d love to see a map showing the location of Subaru owners overlayed on the election results. I’d bet there’s a strong correlation of Subaru owners to Democratic voters. Not sure what that would mean, but I bet you it’s true.

    1. Need has nothing to do with it. Want….that’s the key, and yes, I want this as I believe a lot of others will.

  5. A comment from Pallookaville on their FB page in response to comments on the menu sneak peek:

    Guys, this is JUST ONE page. There will be two more. Read through other posts, there will be vegetarian, some gluten free and vegan options. I’ve posted that. I can’t address that with EVERY post. This is JUST A LAYOUT. It’s not a final menu.

    1. My bowels just began to loosen as I heard of this part of the menu — do we need another place to buy healthy food?

  6. I haven’t had a decent corn dog since Lakewood Fairgrounds closed. I am both old and hungry.

  7. OMG, those folks over at “Keep Avondale Estates Lame” are probably pooping themselves at the dearth of lameless promised by Pallookaville!!! They were having such a great month with the exodus of Avondale Bicycles – now P’ville is taunting them with its decidedly UNlame menu offerings…

  8. HotScottie – that website is a bit too snide and negative for the upstanding folks of AE. They wouldn’t get it.

  9. Aw, yeah! Open soon please!

    I love that the main sign on the building’s rendering is black and white and Coca-Cola.

    Old typefaces and veggie corndogs (the breading and the mustard are the tastiest part anyway) are some of my favorite things.

    1. Really, if you could get a spoonful of mustard (or ketchup or relish or salsa) to hold together by itself and deep-fry it, that would work.

  10. Long may the second hand stores in AE live. Especially since Last Chance is about to get creamed by WalMart.

    1. Oh golly! I forgot to post on here last week that Last Chance has found its next home! It’s moving a mile up N. Decatur Rd just past Big Kroger. I’m pretty sure that Last Chance will remain as popular a destination as ever– there’s a gazillion of us loyal thrifters! ( I can also attest that Value Village and Walmart coexist just fine on Memorial Dr.)

      1. If the location is “inside” (west of) E. Ponce, that keeps it inside the east side errand loop, happily — Ace, Big Lots, YDFM, big Kroger and/or Emory Commons Publix, liquor store on L’ville Hwy and/or Herb’s. (The west side errand loop is Edgewood, East Lake Publix, Pitch ‘n Putt. Depends on what’s on the list — sometimes that Office Depot at Edgewood tips the scale, which is why I yearn for one to pop up somewhere around here.)

        1. Scratch Pitch & Putt off the list and add Empire Package at Fayetteville and Flat Shoals. No plexiglass and they know what vermouth is. The P&P drivethrough is admittedly convenient, but their selection sucks.

          1. I’ll check out Empire, but am loyal to P&P because they carry New Amsterdam gin (my routine liquor shopping is pretty target specific), the prices are in line, the folks who run it are always cordial and at least pretend to recognize me (not that I’m in there every day!), and I’m pretty sure it’s a family business. The plexiglass is a holdover from a slightly earlier age and really doesn’t bother me.

          2. Also, Flat Shoals/Fayetteville Rd is a whole ‘nother mile farther away. I really try not to be in the car for more than 9-10 minutes at a time. Trying to figure how not to have a car at all, when the engine falls out of this one.

            1. The way to not have a car is to have a scooter. 125cc or higher, 50cc isn’t enough to keep up with traffic on Ponce, Dekalb, and the like.

              1. But how much can you carry on a scooter? The grocery stop alone would take more than the storage space in my hubby’s scooter. Okay, truth be told, the liquor store stop would probably fill it. But blaming in on the groceries sounds better. 😉

  11. With the number of encased meats on the menu I assume these folks have a cozy relationship with the Pine Street Market?

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