Paint Recycling Event March 9th!

I know there are a lot of folks out there interested in this! Julia sends along this note…

Recycle Old Paint on Sat., March 9

Do you have left over latex paint? Most of us do. Now you have somewhere to dispose of it! The youth of Decatur Presbyterian Church will have a Paint Recycling Fundraiser on Saturday, March 9; from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Look for signage that directs you to Decatur Presbyterian Church’s rear parking lot on Church Street. DPC is located at 205 Sycamore Street, across from the MARTA Station in downtown Decatur.

Decatur Presbyterian will earn $1 for each gallon can. DPC will charge you the following for disposal of your old latex paint, regardless of the amount of paint remaining in the can:
1 Gallon Can​$3
1 Quart Can​$1.50
1 Pint Can​$1
5 Gallon Can​$15

Disposal of your Household Hazardous Waste (i.e. paint) can be a problem. Sanitation departments do not recycle or dispose of your paint, and to put into a landfill the paint must first be dried. Atlanta Paint Disposal, the fundraiser’s vendor, not only keeps your paint out of landfills, it recycles it into environmentally friendly paint. APD sells their recycled paint to environmentally conscious contractors at a discount.

Atlanta Paint Disposal is the only paint recycler in Georgia that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and Georgia Interfaith Power and Light. Both the EPA and GIPL advocate residents take responsibility for the proper disposal of left over paint.

6 thoughts on “Paint Recycling Event March 9th!”

  1. Prices seem kind of high. You could get up to $20 in no time. Its cheaper to buy some kitty litter and let the paint harden before disposal or donate it to a theater company. HOrizon Theater used to take it. Maybe still does.

    1. Chris, it’s still better to recycle it if you can, rather than to pollute our groundwater with it. Is $20 really too high a price for taking care of our planet? I think not.

      1. yes, you are right. It’s not too high. And it is a beautiful planet, especially before we set in motion the environmental catastrophe of climate change.

        I can see that paint recycling is different from recycling materials that have value such as plastic and paper. So it may be unfair to expect to do it for free, as we do with those materials.

        However, from the point of view of getting EVERYBODY to take care of the planet, I don’t think this is going to work. Way too many folks are going to pour their paint down the drain or put it in the trash rather than come out of pocket. The solution to this type of issue has to be paying for disposal at point of purchase, like you do with tires.

  2. It’s worth $3 a can to me not to have to pry off the stuck on lid and buy a bag of kitty litter-not to mention my almost assured spillage of paint/litter combo…

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