Greg Coleson Officially Announces Candidacy for City Commission

Greg Coleson sends along his official announcement of his bid for Bill Floyd’s open commission seat. Here it is in full…

Decatur City Commissioner, District 1

February 18, 2013

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Decatur City Commissioner,
District 1. Decatur has been in the forefront of national, state and
local news, for our schools, our businesses, our food, our community
and our ideas and innovations. I am genuinely thankful to our City
officials and Decatur citizens for building a community we are proud
to call home.

I have a deep commitment to Decatur, Georgia. I love living here,
working here, raising my family here. Naturally, I want Decatur to be
the very best it can be. My wife and I founded the non-profit Decatur
Farmers Market ( ) in 2002 because we
wanted our daughter and all of Decatur’s children to grow up
understanding the importance of fresh, locally produced food, and for
the community to have another gathering space to indulge in common
interests. The more people get together, the more they tend to care
about each other, which is at the root of a strong community.

As an involved parent, I have served for four years as a Co-Chair on
the Walk and Roll to school program, which encourages students,
parents and neighbors to engage in an active lifestyle and ensures
that they all travel safely. I believe there are growth opportunities
to make bike travel safer, and ways to create greenway paths
connecting our neighborhoods and business districts.

I was also selected to be on the inaugural Decatur Environmental
Sustainability Board, a dedicated group of citizens who work with city
officials to “reduce waste, conserve and improve natural resources,
and participate in measures that help keep our environment healthy for
future generations”.

I am ready to take the next step with this great city. As Decatur
grows and evolves, we need to make sure our growth is sustainable and
responsible, while preserving the core attributes of our great
community. Decatur is naturally progressive, and I can see exciting
opportunities to move to the forefront in environmental initiatives.

As a City Commissioner, I plan to leverage my community involvement
and spirit, engineer’s objectivity and environmental values toward
nourishing Decatur’s roots into a city that flourishes to its full
potential. I will nurture our deeply rooted sense of community in
new and progressive ways.

Please visit my website for more information about me
and my platform. I would be honored to serve the Decatur community.

16 thoughts on “Greg Coleson Officially Announces Candidacy for City Commission”

  1. I don’t know him personally, but his background sounds great and seems like he would have a good field of experience with dealing with the inner workings of the city staff. We love the Decatur Farmer’s Market and I’m excited to learn more about his platforms.

    That being said when I went to his website to read more about him…main page is absolutely awful. I’m no webmaster, but I can’t seem to get past the front page.

    1. Hmm. Your comment about the main page being awful made me go right there. Didn’t seem awful to me. I probably have low expectations for a web page since I have no idea of how to make one myself. But it seemed about average for what I’ve seen for school board and commissioner races in Decatur.

          1. “More importantly, has he ever interrupted a speeach to take sip of water?”

            Probably. But most importantly, he DIDN’T vote against the Violence Against Women Act. That one, I assure you, will be remembered long after the crappy response to the SOTU.

            1. How dare he put emotions aside and stop the overreach of the federal govt.!!!

              Now, I hope that is why he voted against it and not any issue as to sexual orientation. A libertarian can dream…..

  2. I’m glad to hear that Greg is running. I’ve know him for a few years and have served with him on the Safe Routes to School Committee.

    In addition to his actual City Board experience, he’s well respected around town, has relocated a business office downtown and is a good family man with a stellar reputation.

    I hope DM will host a debate, as they have in the past. Given the short timeframe on this election, DM may be the only opportunity for many to hear directly from the candidates.

    Thanks DM and Go Greg!

  3. So that’s two candidates running for the District 1 seat, right? I agree with Pat, we need some sort of candidate Q&A forum. Maybe DM can help out in this respect.

  4. In the past, local neighborhood groups have also sponsored, in person, forums. It would have to be organized quickly, but it seems like there is enough time. What do you say, northside neighborhood leaders?

  5. I’ve known Greg for over 30 years, and he is the right man for the job. He’s fair, level-headed, practical, dedicated, and honorable. He really cares about Decatur, the environment, and doing the right thing. He deserves your vote, so please support him. Decatur will be lucky to have him as a public servant.

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