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  1. Horrible sign. We don’t need another convenience store. Why can’t this be a Trader Joe’s?

    Thread over. You’re welcome.

  2. Does it say SOO or SO6 or Sulfate plus two extra oxygens or SO plus the icon for male or what? What don’t I get this time?

      1. Ah, middle school font! First letter print, second letter cursive, no period to indicate an abbreviation. Of course! My guess is that they will carry cheap makeup, iTunes cards, and Starbursts.

    1. Believe or not, our local Catholic school collected enough S&H green stamps to buy the nuns a station wagon! Still blows my mind. Even back then, it must have been 5 trillion green stamps for a woody station wagon.

      1. DANG!!! Now THAT’S impressive!!! A woody station wagon… I wonder if it came with the Neil Diamond 8 track. Many fond memories of riding in the way back seats of ours singing along to Cracklin’ Rosie!

        1. Who had to lick them? I believe we are talking about a Catholic elementary school and nuns, aren’t we? Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

      2. Impressive, indeed.
        After a certain age, hated sticking stamps in books (even though we used a tiny bowl of water, didn’t have to lick them all). But loved going to the Green Stamp store. Hated it when Mama used the stamps to get something boring like bath towels, much more fun to get a new hair dryer. (The kind with a flexible hose that inflated a plastic hood, which stayed on your head with an elastic drawstring that could sever an ear. Anybody who came of age after the blow dryer was invented does not comprehend the true price of beauty.)

        1. My mother still has and USES her bonnet hair dryer. Seriously. She will never give it up. Nor her big “hairdo”. I’ll say one thing for bonnet hair dryers–you can read or watch TV while your hair “sets”. And there’s no blow dryer arm fatigue.

  3. I think the square has a market for a convenience store that isn’t cramped and sells more than candy, soft drinks, and lottery tickets. Or at least if one existed, I might frequent it. The typical 7-11 in urban centers (like Washington DC), or even a QT without the gas, is much more appealing for my convenience store urges than any of the current 3 on the square.

      1. For all intents and purposes CVS is a convenience store as well. The drugstore industry has essentially designed its locations to be C-stores for women.

        1. Aha, I forgot about Best TIme. I actually like the little store close to Cakes and Ale, as I find it much easier to deal with than CVS for picking up a soda or some Altoids.

  4. Speaking of Trader Joes, the “urban” Trader Joes in the West End of Washington DC isn’t too much larger than the vacant Ruby Tuesdays space on Ponce …

  5. The big office supply store at Toco closes after the Office Depot/Office Max merger. Trader Joe’s slides right in. You heard it here first.

      1. About the same distance as between the Midtown & Buckhead stores. Probably meets TJ’s requirements for delivery access.

          1. I’ll bet they figure in the traffic passing by, too, though — some proportion of everybody going up and down N. Druid Hills and Lavista every AM and PM.

  6. I posted this a while ago but I met the CFO of Trader Joes and, believe me, he knows of Decatur. He told me they are not considering Decatur because to Trader Joe’s there is not a large enough population with a high income for them. In his words, you have the downtown area which is the socio economic population they are looking for (except not enough people) surrounded by a larger but lower socio economic population. I think we sometimes forget that Decatur is larger than just the square area.

    1. Evidently he has not examined my shopping record. I once lived at the Trader Joes in West LA. I cannot go to the Landmark Theater without coming home with several bags of Trader Joes items.

      Then again, I tried to support Metro Mart all by myself and that didn’t work out….

  7. Not sure why the fixation with Trader Joes, lots of Chinese origin products, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, sodium in the marinades. Would much rather have a Fresh Market.

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