North McDonough Gets All Tore Up

n mcdonough2

Looks like some of that mighty expensive new drainage is finally going in under North McDonough Street in front of the Decatur High School auditorium.  Chris sends in these two pics of the action from this weekend.

n mcdonough

This is one of the areas most prone to flood in all of Decatur – see this 2010 photo of Maple Street if you’re not familiar – and this has meant that drainage improvements have been a costly and unsexy expense that the city has been preparing to tackle for a number of years.

And if you want to really get down in the wonky weeds, here’s a screenshot of the Decatur topo map showing how the hill the Old Courthouse sits up basically valleys-out right in front of the high school, thus the ongoing drainage issues at this site.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 3.40.10 PM

4 thoughts on “North McDonough Gets All Tore Up”

  1. Is it just me or are half the roads in Decatur torn up right now? I feel like everywhere I go, I’m re-routed or clomping over steel plates.

    1. Think of the steel plates as traffic calming measures. :0)

      Very nice crew doing the digging the day I walked over to check it out. Sending everyone involved good vibes and wishes for good luck on not having any (well, not too many!) headaches crop up during the project.

  2. I see that the City Commission will vote tonight on setting up permit parking on Church St to accommodate businesses and residents on E Maple St when the construction moves on to there.

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