Greg Coleson and Scott Drake Qualify For Special Election

The City of Decatur’s Linda Harris informs us that only two Decatur residents, Greg Coleson and Scott Drake, have qualified for Bill Floyd’s vacated District 1 City Commission seat.

The special election will take place on March 19th.

12 thoughts on “Greg Coleson and Scott Drake Qualify For Special Election”

    1. Double ditto. The tradition in Decatur seems to be that “it’s not nice to run against nice incumbents”. Decreases the transparency and community discussion. So a race without incumbents stirs things up and brings in some fresh air. Not that plenty of incumbents aren’t truly nice and not that it isn’t a lot of work to run a campaign, not knowing if you’ll win or not. Thanks to all who participate.

  1. Wow. We can’t go wrong with either one. I hope they each come out with a platform to run on, details of their big ideas, etc. Otherwise, I’m just going to have to flip a coin. Glad these two fine citizens stepped up.

  2. For those who don’t know, Mr. Coleson is the co-founder of the Decatur Farmers Market on the Square. Mr. Drake has served on many community organization boards, apparently with distinction.

    Given the time bite involved in doing a job like this, the “winner” should be proclaimed as the candidate getting the fewest votes, their being then able to go on with their good lives. And the community’s thanks.

  3. Echoing what others have said – I’m glad we have at least two good candidates running. We should never, in a town of so many talented people, allow any sitting elected official run unopposed. Even when you truly like the incumbent, he/she should have to stand up and defend his/her record every so often.

  4. Now that there is a real race with two good candidates, GET OUT AND VOTE ! Let’s see if we can get somewhere beyond the 20% average turnout in municipal elections.

  5. I have no trouble saying I support Scott Drake for this city commission and think it is very important that we elect him.

    Scott has lived in Decatur his entire life and has been involved in just about every major organization in the city from the Decatur Business Association to Our House. Scott has strong family roots in Decatur and could have chosen to live anywhere he wanted to after going to college, but he chose to live in his hometown of Decatur, become involved in the community, raise his family here, start a business here, and send his kids to our local schools.

    To say Scott has strong roots here and is 100% loyal to Decatur would be an understatement. Scott Drake will be a perfect fit for our city commission.

    1. I don’t know anything about either candidate – but choosing to live in Decatur is a basic qualification for the office, not something to get excited about. I’m pretty sure everyone that ever ran for any city office chose to live here.

      1. Oh, Scott had done so much more than just choosing to live here. If you weren’t so new to Decatur you would never say that.

        Scott is one of Decatur’s biggest boosters! Not only is he a great guy but he is one of those Decaturites that seems to be everywhere and involved in everything going on in our great city. Scott is heavily invested in our community.

        I’m excited about supporting Scott Drake for Decatur City Commission.

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