Free-For-All Friday 2/15/13

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local topics not discussed here over the past week.

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  1. To the kind Oakhurst neighbor who did NOT pick up after their pet: Will you be a dear and clean off my shoe?

  2. A pair of Brother and Sister dogs need a GOOD home. These guys are from a cat/dog-loving home… they are 3.5-year-old hound / pitt / boxer (?) mutts; are playful, healthy, fixed, and micro-chipped.

    Good hearted peeps looking to expand their family ♥ ♥ ♥ please contact me ASAP at maryann(dot)inbox(at)gmail(dot)com
    My life is turning upside down, many changes. Serious inquiries only. Judgement not welcome.

    1. “Judgment not welcome”

      This this group of people? Good luck!

      Seriously, I hope you find a good home for your pups. The problem with having four already is that I’ve left no room for more!

      1. 4 here too. 3 rescues and a foster. Somehow the wife and I along with the 4 dogs fit into what I am sure is the smallest house in downtown Decatur haha

        Good luck!

    2. No judgment here. Unfortunately, we are full up on dogs in our little house. If you’re on facebook, find me (Jeff Lell) and I’d be happy to share this there

      1. Junderscore, I’m jonesin’ for Stanley, Stella, and Penny updates! And will they be in the wedding party? Another reason to hold it on the Square! :0)

        1. The dogs are doing great! The old girl Penny is obviously not going anywhere else at this point. She had the HUGE lipoma on her rear leg removed in December and she looks so much better and seems so happy that it’s just amazing.

          I’m glad that you asked, too, because it reminds me to send a big public thanks to Daniel at FUR SIDE. When we first picked up Penny to foster her for FODA, he (and Carmen!) did an unbelievable job cleaning her up. With all of her other problems, we hadn’t really been able to take her to get groomed since then. But with her now being done with her treatments and healed up from the surgery, she had her first trip back to “the spa” last week. Not only did Daniel get her looking, smelling and feeling great again, he graciously charged us only half price. Like he said, she is our newest “million dollar free dog!” [And it doesn’t hurt that she is much easier to groom than Stella, who will snap and bite at the sight of the clippers, or Stanley, who would never bite but plays dead in the back of the crate and has to be dragged like dead weight to the grooming table because he just hates it for some reason]

          Now don’t even get me started on the wedding planning. I’m totally down with putting a big tent on the square, permits be damned. Whatever fines we get will probably be cheaper than what this whole thing is going to cost anyway!

          1. I love how in love with life Penny is in the photo on your Twitter page– Stella and Stanley of course have always known that they have it made! Going for grooming sounds like a wacky adventure! :0)

            Y’all are going to find the perfect place for your nuptials. In the meantime and soon, all of us rowdy DM folks need to get together for a “they’re getting’ hitched” toast!

    1. Hah – hah (In my best Nelson voice).

      Those rational minds at GGD will come up with something clever I am sure.

  3. Speaking of FREE…. One of Decatur’s best kept secrets, the Decatur Boxing Club, is offering a free fitness class to all men & women on Saturday morning at 11AM. The gym is located at 137-C New Street, right behind Rex & Roxy’s. Owner Xavier Biggs has trained world champion professional & amateur boxers, golden gloves champions, and even a fellow by the name of Usher.

    The Sunday Paper rated the gym with 5 stars for FUN & FITNESS. This is a high-energy cardio/fitness session with great vibes & funky music. You don’t actually box anyone, you just train like a boxer – minus the sparring. Come check it ou. All welcome…

    1. Having worked in no shortage of communities where the Participate-O-Meter, the Fiscal Prospects Meter, the Educate-O-Meter, the Walk-O-Meter, and/or the Enthuse-O-Meter are flatlining, while the Cynicism-O-Meter and the Divisive-Meter are off the charts, I can tell you: a place could have a lot worse problems.

    2. Almost as high as it was on the day when we installed that Smug-O-Meter! Remember how Mayor Floyd’s dedication was just a bit of nodding with that “You know what I’m talking about” look in his eye?

  4. I haven’t seen anyone asking about the building going up on North McDonough recently… But seriously, I had occasion to visit Village Vets yesterday and it struck me that the new, controversial building is pretty similar to their building.

    1. I think it’s funny that the most controversial new building in downtown Decatur…is an architect’s office.

  5. Shout out to FM Fats re book recommendation “The Bottoms” — in case you overlooked my comment back in the Wed thread… GREAT book, thanks for the recomm. (Unfortunately, I started reading it late Wed night — damned Kindle and its instant gratification — and stayed up WAY too late reading. Thoroughly enjoying it, though.)

    1. My pleasure. Current E-book is Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel. On the nightstand is The Temple Bombing by Melissa Fay Greene. Have you visited Project Gutenberg on the web? Thousands of public domain ebooks for free. I find it kind of funny that the most downloaded books include the Kama Sutra and My Secret Life.

      1. Loved Wolf Hall and look forward to getting around to Bring Out the Bodies (or something of the kind, the sequel to Wolf Hall). Love the Gutenberg site, learned about it here.

      2. Really enjoyed (reading) the Temple Bombing. It was such a good bit of education in ATL history.

        You also might find it fun to do a little “where are they now” investigation, although I read this probably 10 years ago. So, the actual answers today might be “dead”.

        If you haven’t read it already, MFG’s Praying for Sheetrock is also excellent.

        1. Praying For Sheetrock is a big favorite in our house. I think the most recent book that all three of us has read and dug is Pulphead, the collection of essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan.

          1. I still remember reading that book as I traveled along the coast for my job. Not sure the social-political situation in McIntosh County has changed much.

        2. Her book about adopting several Ethiopian teenagers in addition to her own ?2? children is great too. They used to all show up at Venetian Pools and it was fun knowing their wonderful history and exploits. You see MFG walking around the Fernbank area all the time. Great local author.

          1. I read No Biking in the House Without a Helmet when you recommended it awhile back. Good read and what a terrific family!

    2. ++ I checked The Bottoms out after seeing that, and it is on my list!

      Also have been meaning to give a HUGE thanks to all who responded to the “Best Book You Read in 2012” or whatever that entry was called. I look forward to it every year, and not only get some great Christmas gift ideas, but fill up my Request option at the Library. Just finished the first one that became available– The Night Circus– and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, thanks!

      1. If y’all are looking for another great deal this weekend, Hulu is streaming the entire 800 film Criterion Collection for free this weekend. I recommend the insane Japanese horror film “House”

          1. Oh wow, this is great. There are several Criterion titles you can only see by purchasing the disc (some are available on dvd through Netflix, but not Blu-Ray or streaming). A few American films that spring to mind which are rarely shown in a high quality presentation are Brian DePalma’s “Blow Out,” David Mamet’s “House of Games,” and Ang Lee’s “The Ice Storm.”

        1. Question: Does this mean all of their titles that are normally available only on Hulu Plus are available on Hulu, or all of their titles, period? Because I’m not seeing several of their titles on Hulu Plus when I searched. Am I missing something?

          1. Paste’s website says it’s a huge number of titles but not everything. I was hoping for Noah Baumbachs’s Kicking and Screaming, one of my favorite post-college movies ever. But still an amazing array of titles there.

            1. Figures. First thing I tried to watch, “Louie Bluie” by Terry Zwigoff, was unavailable. Oh well, there’s always Roger Vadim’s “And God Created Woman” with Bardot.

  6. Can someone recommend a quality tree service….we just need some dead limbs trimmed and taking the canopy up some… it’s relatively small job and we are finding the larger companies would prefer at least one removal be included in the job.

    1. I guess the tree removal business is booming. Whatever happened to “No job too small”.

      Try King Tree Experts.

      1. I also recommend Appleseed. They did the exact same job for us, pruning dead limbs and making sure the trees were healthy. They prefer not to take a tree down unless it is clearly indicated that it needs to come down. They are also quite friendly and nice people.

  7. Anyone need a FREE set of queen-sized bed rails / frame? They are the metal rails that fit underneath box springs and themselves sit on small wheels.

    Let me know: Click on my name and you can see a photo and leave a comment on my website — I’ll go back and erase your contact information later.


    1. If you don’t get any takers here, that is the kind of thing you can get rid of on freecycle in a matter of hours.

    1. FM Fats? MF Fats is more like it!

      I just clicked on your link with the volume at full blast. All three dogs went nuts. They were not amused. Nor, presumably are the neighbors. Nice 🙂

    1. This has been rolling around in the back of my mind as well. Whoever chose the eatery chose well. Very curious what they noshed on.

  8. Yesterday the president came to Decatur to celebrate the great work being done at our schools.

    Today Mr. Obama awarded Presidential Citizen Medals to the two administrators and four teachers who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    The joyous and the heartbreaking — both a reminder of the importance of teachers in the lives of our children. We can’t thank you enough.

  9. Just remembering to share my post-another-week-off-of-school for CSD students dislike FFAF comment. CSD no longer sends a survey asking how we all handled our students being out (again) for another week, they used to ask…

    I still dislike it,. I still find it not a good idea for students (geez, they just had 2 weeks off at Christmas plus MLK and here’s another break). It is still difficult for dual-working families, for those with little support systems in town, for those with not enough money to send their kids to camp for a week or to travel or do something fun…a one-day teacher work day is so much more palatable in my opinion and seems better for my children-students as well.

    The college and work world isn’t like this – they’re not going to get a full week off every 6-8 weeks! My kids start asking when the “next break” is as soon as the other one is coming to an end. Post CSD-reality is going to be harsh!

    1. The Arriba household loves the schedule.
      Two months of summer is plenty and two weeks at Christmas is just right.

      Plus, we love going places – like Disney or the beach – when no one else is there. You can save a lot of money on travel by going off peak.

      The kids seem to really enjoy the breaks, too.

    2. We’ve profited from the off-season advantages of the schedule but still do not approve of it. Whatever happened to the results of the last survey? I forget. Are they posted somewhere? Agree that there should be another.

  10. I agree. What a waste of time. I would rather the kids have that week off in the summer when I’m off as well.

  11. i was completely unaware that it was ‘drive like a jackhole day’….and i’m happy to report i did not rise to the occasion 🙂

  12. The Decatur Boys and Girls Basketball teams are playing this evening at the DHS gym/arena in the regional tournament. The Boys are in the third place game at 530 and girls are in championship at 700. Game times are dependent on when prior games end.

    1. Read the comments to this “story” on the DailyKos. It appears the whole thing is bogus. I was at the school and saw nothing remotely like this.

      1. Good, that’s what I told my friend who sent it to me after checking with people at College Heights. Why try and make something nice into something ugly? Lame.


        1. “Why try and make something nice into something ugly?” — to attract traffic to the website. That is why I wish people wouldn’t post stuff on FB to point out “Isn’t this ridiculous/stupid/lame/untrue?” and whatnot. It just encourages more people to go to whatever site it is, which is why crap gets published in the first place.

  13. Alexia’s final day is today. All pieces 50% off. Sad to see it go. But found a few nice affordable gifts.

    1. Is there such a thing in light of Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and other such sources? Or are you talking about a classic car for where there is no ready source of market price data?

      1. I’m fighting the diminished value given by my insurance company. In order to appeal, I have to hire an independent appraiser. My insurance company has given me a list of their appraisers, but I’d like to use someone reputable that is not associated w/ them (esp. since their idea of diminished value seems to be about $5K less than what it should be).

        So, in this case, KBB and Edmunds won’t work, though they are great sources that I use a lot when shopping for or selling cars.

          1. I haven’t been able to get an accurate estimate from KBB and Edmunds b/c the car suffered frame damage in an accident. According to KBB criteria, it’s in good condition (it’s been repaired), but I know that there is significant value loss. The difference between what KBB says is a fair trade in value to what Carmax is willing to offer is $8K. My insurance won’t accept Carmax or KBB as sources though; I have to work with an appraiser.

            1. Check with some of the reputable body shops in the area, they should be able to point you in the right direction

            2. Also, check autotrader and other similar sites for cars w/ near or the same options /year/mileage that have sold recently and factor in that value as well to know what the market value is. before calculating the damage, most insurance companies all use 1 or 2 companies that provide market values of vehicles but i would recommend checking for yourself

              1. Does Autotrader have a search that allows you to filer for cars with frame damage?

                The fact is that in many cases, cars with frame damage can’t be sold at any price, unless one is willing to lie about the damage. I would love to know how an auto appraiser would go about valuing such a car. There just can’t be many documented sales of your make and model, with you particular frame damage, to go by. If that’s true, the “appraisal” is just a made up number.

  14. Hi All:

    Did a little bit of closet cleaning (should have watched a bunch of Criterion Films, but alas, I was caught unaware) this weekend and have multiple large bags of nice mens, womens and kids clothes to donate. I usually give to the AKF or similar, but does anyone know of a group in our local community that takes donations of these items?

    Note: my style is fly, so is my lovely bride’s…

    1. If you end up not wanting to do Second Life, First Christian at Nelson Ferry and Ponce has the Chalice Thrift Shop. Oakhurst Presbyterian at 2nd Ave. has a Clothes Closet for the needy.

      1. Those are also good places. If you go to Chalice Thrift Shop, you can also bring any old plastic toys you want to get rid of and throw them in the park across the street!

      2. Thanks. Love dogs, Secondlife it is! Appreciate the suggestions.

        J_T – my house is indistinguishable from that park, except I lack the cement racetrack.


    1. This could also read “Your wife can donate your clothes and tell you later” hahahaha, esp ones that she thinks still belong in 1995 no matter how awesome you think they are.

      Seriously though, Second Life is great!

      I’ve seen many an item there and then turned to my wife and said “we have one of these!” and then she says “not anymore!”

  15. Another random technology question…
    For watching streaming video on TV, would it be feasible to take an old laptop that runs XP and dedicate it to that purpose? The laptop works, it was just retired because it has a skittish power port (so needs to stay put all the time or it jumps spontaneously onto battery power). It does not have an HDMI port — it has a 15-pin, and 4 USB ports.
    (Laptop has insufficient oomph to run later versions of Windows and not worth upgrading because of the power issue. On my second one since this one, but have a strong and totally irrational sentimental attachment to it, or it would have gone on freecycle long ago.)

    1. STG, it is feasible, but may not be worth the trouble… I would check the following out before you make a call on it.


      I assume you need sound too? How will you output from your laptop to TV or receiver?

      Physical Connection from Laptop to TV:

      If your TV does not have a VGA connector, you will need some kind of VGA to DVI connector (assuming you can do DVI on your TV). You need to determine what the max resolution you can send to your TV is via VGA. If your laptop is old, might find that it just won’t do the job for decent streaming.
      Re HDCP (copy protection stuff for downloaded movies) – not sure this will work via VGA to DVI, maybe someone who knows more can comment.

      Media Server:
      Do you intend to stream Netflix or similar? How does it look on just your laptop screen?
      If you have a bunch of videos to stream, you can use iTunes home sharing or set up a media server like ‘Plex’.

      If all of that is too much trouble, take the plunge and get Roku or similar for less than $100. Granted I am still in the honeymoon phase, but we got it about a month ago and think it is choice.

      1. Brad, thanks for taking the time to respond. The only things I watch using the laptop are programs streaming at websites that are not available via Roku (which I do have), e.g., last night’s episode of Downton Abbey (because my antenna only picks up Ch 8 about 10% of the time and never when I want to watch it).

        Maybe what I’d better do is fire up the laptop and see what the streaming quality is like, figure out the resolution issue, then determine how I can connect it to the TV. (Just checked and the TV does not have a VGA connection, after all.)

  16. Before FFAF closes, has anyone had brakes done at the Pure Station downtown? Or, more generally, can anyone recommend a trustworthy brake shop in the area that fixes what’s broke and goes easy on the sky-is-falling upsell?

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