More of Your Obama Photos!


College Heights Mission Statement Signature (Photo courtesy of Michael)


Photo courtesy of Squirrel-Headed Bastard



Photo courtesy of Carol


Photo courtesy of Brianc


Photo courtesy of Brianc

9 thoughts on “More of Your Obama Photos!”

  1. Question: Was Dr. Edwards there? Haven’t heard from her on this and haven’t seen her in pics. New DeKalb Superintendent was there. Maybe she and the Governor had a lunch date?

  2. I had never seen the College Heights logo before. Have they gotten a takedown notice from Reuben Kincade yet?

    1. Hello, world, hear the song that we’re singin’
      C’mon get happy.
      A whole lot of lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’
      We’ll make you happy!

    2. Oh please let it be that C’mon, Get Happy is their school song! Little voices singing that would be just perfect! :0)

    3. That is not the logo. That is the PTA fundraising t shirt logo from fall 2011. Monique Davidson, the VP of the PTA, either designed it or had it designed. The logo is this awful eagle thing but we have been doing chickens on the shirts since at least 2007. I have been at CHECHLC too long- or my kids have!

  3. Good pix! Mine were dreadful. But my memories…well my memory is pretty bad, too. But I’m pretty sure that I will remember seeing President Obama.

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