Decatur Prepares For President Obama’s VIsit

11Alive does a nice job highlighting the preparation taking place around Decatur for the President’s Thursday visit. (h/t:  Downtown Decatur)

Also, Patch has a new article this morning on the excitement building around Decatur surrounding the President’s short visit to the city.

7 thoughts on “Decatur Prepares For President Obama’s VIsit”

  1. Was just by the Rec Center and it is a “ticket only event”. Even the front desk staff has to be out of the building unless they are volunteering. They are madly putting up tents and barriers outside and bleachers inside. One of the barriers guys said he’s scheduled to pick them up at 3pm tomorrow.

    No one is saying they know anything about the driving route of the entourage but all parking is prohibited on N. Candler today and tomorrow. So that might be a clue if they follow posted rules. N. Candler is one way South to North towards the Rec Center. Tents are going up at the back entrance down by the dumpsters. So if I was in charge of security, that’s where I would go in and out of the building.

  2. At least one local pastor will be speaking there. This is exciting for any community. Maybe, since we won’t all have tickets to the Decatur Rec event, and many of our kids have graduated from the CHLC so we have no entry there, maybe the President would be willing to post on Decatur Metro? Just like the CHLC is a model for early childhood education and preK, Decatur Metro is a model for civil community conversation in a world of uncivil blogs.

    We can all disagree on exactly what goes right and wrong in City Schools of Decatur and how to analyze and interpret its data, but there’s an awful lot of good things happening there. Before anyone disputes that, they need to go hang out on the CHLC playgrounds, or see morning celebration at Clairemont, or observe literary cafe at FAVE, or watch a wild and crazy RMS teacher, or observe DHS 101, or otherwise get into the schools with the students. (And please drop off boxtops or donate an auction item while you’re at it.

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