The Cookie Studio Moving to Buckhead

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The Cookie Studio, currently located on East College Avenue near the Avondale MARTA station, will soon close and move to Pharr Road in Buckhead. The Cookie Studio will open in the Pharr Road space most recently occupied by Fuoco di Napoli, a Antico Pizza-like pizzeria that closed this past October after less than a year in business. Rumors have swirled about why the restaurant failed with some saying that litigation from Giovanni Di Palma of Antico Pizza regarding “intellectual property-trademark” forced the restaurant to close.

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    1. Agreed! *Totally* disappointed by the move. They were right by the house and easy to get to and had the best cookies in town. My wife will be severely disappointed… 🙁

  1. I never see the attraction of Buckhead/Midtown etc. for businesses. Every time I go to those desitinations, I like them less. But I guess that’s why I live and shop in Decatur. It must be the wealth and volume of customers that make those locations attractive for businesses like Watershed, Cookie Studio, Sprong etc.

    1. I believe it’s a space issue in this case. They have outgrown the College Avenue location and couldn’t find the right combination of size and accessibilty in Decatur.Let’s hope some other gourmet enterpreneur finds the shop attractive. Decatur could really use a great cheese shop, don’t you think?

      1. I never understood, given space and access issues, how they managed in the space they were in. This is no surprise, except where they’re moving to.

        1. +1 more! I’ve always been jealous of the awesome little cheese shop in my friend’s old neighborhood in Denver. I just try to satisfy myself with a limited selection of local-ish cheeses and meaty goodness at Pine Street Market.

  2. Boo! I’m going to have a sad daughter on my hands. Oh well, I am sure they’ll find customers in Buckhead. 🙁

    1. Yes! I stopped in this afternoon and asked about the move – it will likely happen in about April. I plan to stockpile between now and then. Unfortunately, like smalltowngal, I have absolutely no self control when it comes to sweets so I don’t think this is an effective strategy.

  3. If you read the article, it says: “The Cookie Studio is basically tripling their square footage in the move and will offer an expanded variety of cupcakes as well as cookies, pastries and coffee. Plans call for the new location to open April 1 and for the Decatur location to close shortly before Buckhead opens.”

  4. Like Watershed, I’m positive they will now flourish – replete with regular celebrity sitings leaked about in an AJC blog or whatnot.

  5. Just when I find out about their Cherry Ginger Explosion cookie… Thank you Cookie Studio for getting started and building your brand from Decatur. Thank you also for your generous participation in the Garden of Eaten’ Decatur Cooperative Ministries event. Best of luck in your new location.

    1. Sweet ‘N’ Sinful bakery on Pine Street in Avondale Estates is great, and one can go next door for bacon and other swell stuff at Pine Street Market.

  6. Not to take anything away from this bakery or any other, but cookies are one of the easiest scratch baking items to master. Plus, you can make lots of little ones or a few big ones. And you can freeze dough and bake a dozen at a time.

      1. I can’t even keep sweets in the house, because I have the impulse control of a 6-month old collie when it comes to dessert. But I do like to bake from time to time, it connects me w/ my childhood. (My mother baked all the time, she & my dad both had incorrigible sweet tooths and, fortunately, mostly skinny genes.) And cookies are practically foolproof (unlike cakes and candies, which offer dozens of ways to make messes).

  7. We’re sad to see The Cookie Studio leave the area, but excited to carry their delicious treats at Oakhurst Market so you can still get your fix in Decatur!

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    Decatur, GA 30030

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  8. I never liked the cookies there. I am a pretty good baker, so maybe that is why. Sweet n Sinful’s cookies are better by a mile as are Amy’s at Sugar Moon. Actually, Amy’s beats all of them, even my own.

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