Paul Simon Has the Flu

Lynne points to this note on Emory’s website

The highly anticipated Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature by Paul Simon, set for Feb. 10-12 at Emory University, have been postponed due to illness. Simon’s representatives report he has the flu.

Emory anticipates being able to reschedule the lectures at a later time, to be announced. People interested in attending the Ellmann Lectures will have to re-register for complimentary tickets when the new dates are announced. Owing to scheduling uncertainties at this time, existing tickets will not be honored for the new dates.

The latest information and updates will be available at:

Photo courtesy of Emory

7 thoughts on “Paul Simon Has the Flu”

  1. Well damnit, I was really looking forward to all the events. Let’s just hope that Paul Simon’s flu isn’t as bad as Jim Henson’s cold.

  2. aw man, I booked a crazy early flight to get back from a business trip for this… but maybe now we’ll have a shot at the music part for the rescheduled event.

          1. That’s the attitude! In all honesty and full disclosure, I can’t keep up with the old J_T either. Now I’m just old J_T. But I still try.

  3. Sorry PS is sick. Thrilled to have another shot at getting a seat, having been shut out the first time.
    Had really wanted to hear the joint talk with Billy Collins — wonder if that was a piece of serendipitous scheduling or if it might be possible when they re-book.

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