DeKalb Medical Center Area Receives Livable Centers Grant

Deanne points out that the latest Atlanta Regional Commission press release regarding the latest round of Livable Centers Initiative grants includes a good chuck of money ($120,000) for a study focusing on the area around DeKalb Medical.  Here’s the description from the release…

This study focuses on the area around DeKalb Medical Center and will plan for redevelopment of underutilized and vacant properties to create a variety of housing options and an appropriate mix of commercial, office and retail. The study will incorporate Lifelong Communities concepts and the establishment of a “wellness district” for the DeKalb Medical Center area. Additionally, the plan will address sidewalk and bicycle facilities along the major corridors in the area to create a more walkable center and to improve connections to MARTA bus routes and Emory’s Cliff shuttle.


4 thoughts on “DeKalb Medical Center Area Receives Livable Centers Grant”

  1. How much money could a good chuck chuck if a good chuck could chuck money? 🙂

    Is there a map of the covered area?

  2. Wish some of the empty car dealerships in the vicinity could be transformed into something useful for the community. Right now they are just huge cement eyesores.

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