Creative Loafing Heaps High Praise – and Expectation – on Three Taverns Brewery

CL’s big feature is week is “Georgia’s Brewed Awakening“, an extensive piece on the challenges and promise of Georgia’s emerging brew-scene.  Decatur’s Blue Tarp Brewing and Ale Yeah! both receive worthy mentions, but it’s Three Taverns that gets the star treatment.   Here’s a sampling of what’s written…

Amid this burgeoning group of beer purveyors, Athens’ Creature Comforts and Decatur’s Three Taverns will likely define the Georgia brewing conversation over the next decade. Stein’s Creature Comforts will initially produce an IPA, pilsner, and a Berliner Weisse (a gently tart, low-alcohol, German wheat beer). For Brian Purcell’s Three Taverns, the focus is on a Belgian IPA and a Belgian-style single to start.

…One painstakingly crafted selection that may lead Georgia’s craft-brewing direction by example is Three Taverns’ Quasimodo. This Belgian-style quadruple ale, which Purcell has been tweaking for six years, will be the brewery’s dark, boozy winter seasonal. …Purcell’s careful attention to detail and restless, perfectionist spirit should be a model for Georgia’s craft-beer community going forward.

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  1. That makes two members of All Souls church heavily into making craft beer (Brian and also Nick Purdy formerly of Paste Magazine). Great article and happy beer culture is seeping into our area!

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