Wine Workshop and Brew Center Scheduled to Open in East Decatur Station

You may or may not have seen this mention in the boutique wineries post, but there’s an interesting new business, called Wine Workshop, that wants to open up in East Decatur Station.  A letter from Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne submitted to the city commission explains things…

We are currently working with a small business called Wine Workshop that plans to open in the East Decatur Station district.

In addition to selling wine kits and equipment for people interested in making wine and brewing beer at home, this operation also offers the opportunity for customers to come into the business to create a custom wine from a variety of wine kits.  The company will assist in bottling the wine and store it during the fermenting process.  Customers can create custom wine labels to apply to their bottles.  Each kit produces approximately 30 bottles of wine.  There are similar businesses currently operating in Sandy Springs and Woodstock.

The site’s Facebook page says the business is scheduled to open in April.

7 thoughts on “Wine Workshop and Brew Center Scheduled to Open in East Decatur Station”

  1. I am very excited that Wine Workshop is becoming a member of the Decataur community. After investigating other locations in several metro communities, we chose Decatur. The welcoming and vibrant nature of the Decatur community was a major factor in the decision.

      1. Yes, the Decataurs were a winged pre-historic bird that died off due to caveman-caused global cooling.

  2. I think what’s really interesting about this is the statement “We are currently working with”. As in, we are trying to help a small business get off the ground, create jobs within the community, and service a need. Great attitude and well done City of Decatur. It’s not easy starting a business so positive assistance is always helpful.

    1. +1. What’s really special about Decatur is that, in many (most?) places, the measure of success in the Economic Development department is jobs and jobs only. There is no consideration of vision or character, which makes for a really lousy incentivized to lure big box retail or any other easy, plug-n-play job sources, regardless of any desire on the part of residents to become something different.

      Decatur biases its ED efforts towards the kinds of things we spelled out in the strategic plan. For better, or even for worse (depending on your perspective), we’re getting what we asked for. I really appreciate that.

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