Gates Foundation Giving $28.8 Million to Decatur-Based Task Force for Global Health


The Saporta Report reports

The Decatur-based Task Force for Global Health has received a five-year $28.8 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish a support center for neglected tropical diseases.

The grant will enable the newly-established Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Center to collaborate with other partners around the world to address gaps in research. The center will coordinate with partners to implement the research agenda for these diseases, while ensuring the quick translation of new solutions into the program policy.

The Gates grant will be officially announced on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

6 thoughts on “Gates Foundation Giving $28.8 Million to Decatur-Based Task Force for Global Health”

  1. That money should never have been theirs to give. They have way too much money. The government should confiscate it, as it can do much more good with it than the Gates’ can. Such greed in this world…

      1. No worries. When this greedy SOB dies, our government will take 50% of what he has earned and already paid taxes on. Then we can get some real results from that money!

  2. The Task Force has the good sense to describe its activities in such a way that the term “public health” is avoided because we all know how SCARY the word “public” is……(unless preceeded by “re” and ending in “an”. 🙂

  3. In all seriousness, Bill and Melinda Gates are shining examples of everything that’s great about the free market system. I wonder how many philanthropist millionaires Microsoft alone has created. People who can give big should give big. People who can give a little should give a little. That’s my belief. It is not my belief that anyone should be forced to give. It’s your right to be greedy, it’s your right to take vows of poverty and neither of those rights should be infringed.

  4. Yes. Everyone has the right to be greedy, and everyone has the right to shame those who they perceive as greedy.

    Greed is a loaded word that some people throw around pretty flippantly. When someone accuses another of being greedy, they are implicitly making a judgment about how another is allocating their finances to support their business, their family and their community.

    Per your stated beliefs, if you looked at my ratio of earnings/philanthropy, I expect you would consider me greedy (and that is your right). But I believe my first obligation is to establish financial security for my family (retirement, education, debt paid off, etc.). While I do donate a substantial amount to charity each year, it is a relatively small % of my income. I aspire to do much more once I have moved from being “high income” to “wealthy.”

    Prior to his retirement from Microsoft and establishment of his foundation, would you have called Bill Gates greedy? He was accumulating vast amounts of wealth, and was not sharing it with others.

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