Adding Wineries to the List of Approved Decatur Industries

There’s no agenda online yet, but over the weekend, I happened to see the hard copy of tonight’s City Commission meeting posted outside the door of city hall.  On it, there looked to be another item regarding alcohol creation inside the city limits.  The item referenced adding boutique wineries to the list of approved activities in Decatur industrial areas.  (Or “area” as the case may be, since Decatur has only one.)

Is wine the FINAL alcohol that needs crafting approval?   Or will Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne be back before the commission in another month asking for mead and/or moonshine approval?

11 thoughts on “Adding Wineries to the List of Approved Decatur Industries”

    1. There’s some real potential for Decatur branding:
      – Champagne on Champlain St.
      – Madeira on Maediris Way
      – Mountain Dew on Mountainview
      – Spirits on Trinity St.
      – Vittles on Vidal Blvd.
      – Water on Water St.

      And I haven’t even begun on the southside!

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