Free-For-All Friday 2/1/13

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the past week.

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      1. Can I just toss ’em in the bin with everything else that COD picks up, or do they have to go somewhere else?

        1. I have twice tried to post a link about synthetic cork recycling but for some reason DM won’t accept it. Google that term and your question should be answered.

          1. Strange; I had the same experience yesterday, but chalked it up to constraints on my work computer.
            The site I found said they were made of the same stuff in #4 plastic & could be recycled, even though they didn’t have a recycling triangle. Might want to double-check w/ the city recycling folks.

            Whole Foods & Cook’s Warehouse have bins for the cork ones. Don’t know about Trader Joes. 😉

  1. Does anyone know where to get a new recycle bin and how to get rid of the old one? I have tried putting it out with a sign to recycle it, but the recycle people just keep throwing it back.

    1. I just broke up the old recycle bin and put it in our other one (or your neighbor’s if you only had one). You can call to get a new dropped off…call 404-377-5571.

      1. Thanks for the info. Hopefully a productive call. The woman informed me they don’t pick up until there is a request for a new one and she did not recognize my street name.

      2. thank you, +1. Was wondering the same thing. The multiple duct tape patches on my old one are finally wearing out.

  2. Did any one go to the State of the City Address? it was a nice way to thank Bill Floyd for his long standing efforts. What are the thoughts now about the leadership and how that will fall?

    1. Yeah. Judging by the (redacted) fire drill aspect of the tribute, I wonder what the future holds. I was disappointed that there was more self-backpatting than there was discussion of challenges facing the City. I didn’t hear anything about annexation, did you?

  3. There’s a film crew in the Decatur First Bank Building today. I couldn’t make out the little yellow sign as I drove by. Anyone got the inside skinny?

  4. At least Cakes and Ale got a better inspection score (86) than Matthews Cafeteria (83). The inspectors seem to be tougher than ever lately.

  5. Last day for girls softball signups! Rough Riders Softball League is getting ready for the Spring season. Check out for more information.

    Girls ages 6-18, of all abilities, are welcome. We practice and play in Downtown Decatur, behind the First Baptist Church.

  6. Can anyone recommend the best company/method for termite prevention? When we bought the house 6 years ago we got the spray treatment with a repair and retreat bond that we have maintained for a fee each year. The initial cost was quite high, and there is a sizable yearly fee for them to come out and do a 10 minute check. And a month following last year’s check, we found termites in our front steps that the inspector didn’t even catch. Now they want us to re-up with another spray treatment and bond but I am wondering if there are other cheaper and/or better options. What about the bait stations? How does that work?

    1. Did the termite company repair the damage to the steps? I’m curious what others will say but I’ve always had the sense that what I’m paying for with Terminex isn’t really termite prevention (termites are everywhere in yard/woods around us, right?) but the guarantee that they will pay for any termite damage discovered. Since they did the original inspection at the time of our renovation saying we were termite-free and have done all the maintenance monitoring (with bait traps) treatments, they are on the hook if we find termite damage. That’s my hope anyway.

      1. There are 2 different types of bonds, a retreatment bond and a repair bond. When I hired my termite company (I live in an older home), they told me that I could not get a repair bond unless they thoroughly inspected my house and repaired any existing damage, and reapir bonds costsa lot more. But, you may have a retreatment bond and they should re-treat for free.

      2. They didn’t offer to repair, but we didn’t pursue it because the steps are rotting in places anyway and we are planning to tear them out soon. I don’t know that the termites made things any worse than they already were. Just didn’t like finding them that close to the house!

  7. Anyone know of a website for the Decatur Rec Center? Would love to see what camps/classes they offer but can’t find a link anywhere.

    1. Go to the city of Decatur website, click on Publications, then click on Playbook, then click on Archives, then pick the latest issue.

    2. Yup…they don’t make it easy and could benefit from a simple “Class Schedule” link. Found this out last week just trying to find out for my wife whether they have Zumba classes.

  8. Any musicians out there who are looking for someone to play with? I played in rock bands in Boston for 15 years, and I’d like to get something going in this area. I have no illusions of stardom, wealth, or comparison to Yngwie Malmsteen. In fact, all my fury has long since been unleashed.

    Any flavor of rock, lounge, disco, funk, soul, R&B. I went to Berklee for three years for vocals, but I mostly play the guitar because it’s what the cool kids do. Any idiot can sing. What was I thinking?

  9. The Oakhurst Gardens are not accepting compost until next week. Where else can one drop off a wagonload of foetid leavings? Please do not post your enemies’ list. Thanks.

    1. Oh god, they were so young. Wait, WE were so young.

      Currently surveying my Tech friends to see who was actually there.

    2. i missed seeing REM at 688 but I did see the Seven Simons there sometime in the early Eighties. What a show!

  10. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I thought this would be right up Decatur’s alley. I saw this from Scoutmob today:

    “Happy Hour Confections”
    It all came about when Holly Pezzano decided that the cupcake, the frilliest of all confections, deserved a little grown-up swag and a little less of that frou-frou princess-y cachet. Hence, the beer. After a six-month whirlwind of the most delicious research and development ever, ever Holly has her deliciously boozy answer to the cutesy princess confections of yore with her menu of spiked sweet treats like Lemon Hefeweizen Cupcakes, Smoked Porter Sea Salt Brownies and Doppelbock Cinnamon Doughnuts, to name a few.

    Looks like they might be for sale soon at Ale Yeah? I’m hopeful!

  11. My wife and I are taking Ball Room Dancing lessons and will soon ( I hope) be able to do some basic moves without me stepping all over her feet. Are there any Ball Room Dances or Ball Room dance activities in Decatur for beginners to participate in?

  12. Just a reminder to also those on Decatur Metro that live in/around Winnona Park:

    There will be a Winnona Park Neighborhood Association member meeting next Tuesday (February 5th, 7:00 pm) at the WPES cafe. Featured speaker will be our new mayor Jim Baskett. Other topics will include social gatherings planned for the community, membership and awareness of WPNA and introduction of new committee members. We welcome everyone in the Winnona Park community to join us.

  13. Reminder to all residents that currently do not have their child(ren) in CSD PK-12 but desire enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year:
    Registration begins Saturday, (today) from 8-3 at the Central Office at Westchester, then regular morning hours begin Monday, February 4, 2013 from 8-11:30.

    1. just posted this under the CSD registration thread, but what the heck I’ll post here too

      Oh my goodness, my husband just got back. he went there at 7.55am to get it all done before basketball etc, and was there over an hour…. I guessed there was going to be some kind of application form to go with all the documents even though this wasn’t mentioend, but I couldn’t find one anywhere online. I figured maybe that was by design, but when my husband got there he had to go to the back of the line again for not having his 8-page (highly confusing) application form completed before arriving. He saw some poor woman be sent back to the back of the line again for still not having the 504 (disability) part of the form filled out as she didn’t know what a 504 thing was. Luckily my husband overheard the conversation from the line and managed to scribble N/A or something for the 504 part before he got sent to the back of the line again!!! On the list of requirements to bring along it is a bit ambiguous at the bottom whether or not you should take the child’s social security card etc, but my husband erred on the side of caution and took it anyway. Thank goodness he did! He’s terribly nervous about what CSD is going to be like in general now after this terrible show of disorganization and chaos…. Hope things get better from here….

      1. Sorry you and your husband had such an experience with registering.
        The website has a step by step instructions and an application with a check list that is very clear and precise.
        The staff is very helpful and will answer any question.
        If your child needs a 504, it is easy to google what that forms means.
        Our school system is getting overwhelmed by new enrollees and I am the first to step up and make my complaints known.
        This registration procedure is actually something they do very well and has fairly common forms.

        1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately there was no mention of where to obtain the 8-page application form in the checklist, and unfortunately we had no way to google 504 when sitting in Westchester filling out the said form

      2. As Thomas mentioned in the other thread, this was the first year of Saturday registrations. Firsts are firsts and always come with some bugs — on both the provider side and the user side. If y’all are new to Decatur or new to the school system, may I suggest taking a step back and easing into the flow a little. Reports on experiences and opportunities for improvement are always valued but double posting smacks of a deeper agenda. I’m gonna assume you don’t in fact have an axe to grind so I’m sure you don’t want to come across that way.

        As an eight year CSD customer, I can attest that, on the whole, they rock.

        1. No agenda. Just anxious about the big transition to kindergarten, and the experience today seemed to be the opposite of anxiety reducing. Also, just wanted people to know to leave a little time today, to take a SS card and to find an application form from somewhere, and to possibly wait until Mon to register….

          1. I have been working at Westchester today. Sorry this experience was not what you hoped. Rather than ask people wait outside until 8 AM, we opened the doors earlier and offered solace from the cold, including coffee choices. That move complicated our opening procedure a bit. Most folks that have come in the last two hours here have been in and out the door in approximately 10-15 minutes. We served 53 families before 10 AM.

            The registration webpage: is helpful. Prior to last week, only the checklist was available as we are required to revise the enrollment form each year due to federal and state requirements. Now the checklist serves as the first page of the enrollment packet.
            from the webpage: “Print this complete enrollment packet. The first page is a handy checklist to help you make sure you have every document that you need. Incomplete application packets cannot be accepted.”

            We are proud of our registration process and encourage residents to come today if they can. We are open until 3:00 pm. Regular registration hours begin Monday, 8:00 am – 11:30 am.

            1. Thank you Thomas for you patience, kindness and reassurances this morning. I walked out feeling much more confident that we’ll get the guidance that we need before our daughter starts at the high school this summer. The process has been a bit confusing and frustrating, but maybe now we’ll have an easier time with it.

        2. “I’m gonna assume you don’t in fact have an axe to grind so I’m sure you don’t want to come across that way.” Ouch. I’m going to have to assume that you didn’t mean to come across as condescending as you did there.

          The process was frustrating for me as well. Especially the case of the form that wasn’t there before but now is. I would have gladly filled it out at home beforehand.

          1. I gotta say, the ability to chastise something while mimicking it is something not everyone can pull off. My sincere props, offered genuinely and unironically! 🙂

  14. Who was looking for good northeast style deli/ deli meat last week? You might want to check out The General Muir delicatessen that is open in Emory Point (across from CDC) now. I’ll be curious if NE people think it is good.

    1. My wife and I went on Friday. It was outstanding — although we ate-in and did not try the actual deli counter. I had the eggs and latkes and the wife had chocolate babka. No complaints…

    2. I’ll check it out. Thanks for passing it along. Between the suggestions last week and now, I have a lot of Pastrami to eat, but I’m up for the challenge.

  15. I just want to send people to Himalayan Spice. I can’t think of a single other Nepalese restaurant in this area, and this place has great food. The peanuts and soybeans sauteed with mustard oil, peppers, and onions was the perfect food for beer. Also good were the momo (think dumplings with a slightly Indian-tinged chicken filling) with two dipping sauces. For those who don’t want Nepalese food, there’s an Indian menu as well.

    The restaurant is comfortable and quite large, so I want to send people their way. I’d hate to see them close for lack of word of mouth.

    1. Thanks for this reminder. I had to dig around a bit to find the menu on (And, for anyone who’s searching, note that the Nepali section is listed after the many pages of Indian dishes.) Looks interesting!

  16. Saturday night:

    B-: dinner at Iberian Pig after waiting 1 hour+ past our reservation time. Apparently the dual chaos of Usher (unconfirmed) and a 10 top from Dunwoody (confirmed) were more than they could handle. Love them but disappointed.

    A+: pretending to not want dessert at IP then giggling like idiots and driving to Krispy Kreme on Ponce for Double Dark Chocolates.

    1. Yup, our experience last night was the same. We let them know of our disappointment. They did bring us and comped a very nice bottle of red wine. Also said this was the last night of a reservation system that wasn’t working and they would have it fixed by next week. As usual, the food was excellent, but a bit of the shine was off because of the long long wait.

    2. Well, I guess I’m really glad that we decided on No. 246 over Iberian Pig last night!

      And yes, Chris Billingsley, I know that dinner at No. 246 does not fit my normally frugal, “Old Decatur” personality and rantings. Neither did the weight loss challenge cheating at the Bakery at Cakes & Ale after the Decatur Old House Fair (But oh God that pistachio macaron!). In my defense, I did NOT have a coffee, just a free glass of tap water, even if that was mainly because I didn’t see the Ginger Snappucino on the special menu before ordering.

      Also, at dinner, I closed my eyes several times and pretended it was still the Square Table and that Speros was forcing one of his “famous” sausage biscuits on me and saying “EAT! Your mother’s so far away, somebody gotta make sure you EAT!” I also smiled, thinking that if he could see me, he’d be smiling himself to see that I absolutely did take his advice and have done more than my share of eating over the years. And I figured he’d also have a big hug for me and the Mrs when I showed him the ring that was the reason for our special dinner 😉

      1. Congrats, J_T. You’ve referred to “the Mrs.” so often on these pages, I’d imagine most of us assumed this was a task addressed long ago. Welcome to the fold. Your operator’s manual and instructions on the secret handshake are in the mail.

        1. Don’t worry Scott, most people assume that. We’ve been together seven years so it’s not like much will change. However, this just might prompt Mrs. J_T to post here with that moniker like she’s been threatening to.

          1. “We’ve been together seven years so it’s not like much will change”

            Let’s revisit this conversation in a couple of years and get your take then!

            And Congratulations!

  17. Also, on the way over I was glad to demonstrate one of my pet peeves. Had a friend from Chicago in the car as we came up to a flashing red on McDonough and flashing yellows on College and Howard. I stopped at the red prepared to wait and said, “Now watch what this guy is on College is going to do,” and sure enough they stopped at the yellow instead of proceeding with caution as you should do. Being polite does NOT a good driver make. If you don’t know the rules of the road, you have no business behind the wheel of a one ton death machine.

    1. No, they do not belong behind the wheel of a one ton death machine. That’s why so many of them buy those two and three ton monstrosities. More margin for error!

  18. Just went over to Quickshot on Zonolite Rd to do a bit of shooting this morning. Place was surrounded by flashing lights. Sounds like someone shot themself. Hoping for the best, but it didn’t sound good. We didn’t get in because they were processing a crime scene and that’s all I’ve heard so far.

    1. Story I heard is that about noon, a shooter accidentally shot himself in the chest, everyone on the lanes was told by the ranger officer to leave everything and head outside, Police let everyone back in around 130ish to get everything and head out.

      I personally have no idea what the person was doing when this happened or how.
      I’ve been there a few times and always a good experience. Heard from lots of people about different theories as to what happened, but until anyone can see the police report, no sense in spreading hearsay

  19. Anyone hear loud booms / explosions today? Over here in Lenonx Place we heard one early this afternoon, around 1ish, thought it may have been a transformer, but sounded a few times louder than the normal transformer “pop”. Then heard another one shortly after 7pm. Strange.

  20. Got all weighed in for Decatur Biggest Loser challenge on Saturday. Here we go…my incredible sweet tooth is going to be very, very sad.

  21. Okay, so I am a bit behind due to a sick child (and now a sick husband), but I REALLY need a recommendation for a seamstress. I’m not talking alterations. I am talking about re-lining a really nice winter coat, and perhaps some dressmaking. Recommendations? Please help!!!!!!

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