Mingei World Arts Will Be Leaving Church Street Location, But Isn’t Going Away

Ann and Ellen at Mingei World Arts sent along this message late yesterday, which was subsequently sent out in their newsletter…

Dear Mingei Friends–

It is with great excitement and a bit of nostalgia that we announce that Mingei is changing. We are not going away but will be morphing into a different kind of business, one with a greater online presence, occasional and pop-up sales, and who knows what else? Our new Mingei will allow us to travel more, stay longer, and spend more time developing special products with our artisans. We will have the flexibility to head over to that faraway market, to return to that village and pick up an order, or to set down for a month someplace if we like to get a better feel for the work being done there.

Decatur has been wonderful to us, and we have loved being a part of the day-to-day business community there. We have made so many friends at the store and have loved sharing your stories and your lives as you have shopped with us for just the right gift, rewarded yourself with a special treat, or just come in for a visit and a browse. While we will not be physically behind the red lacquer door in that saffron- colored storefront, we will be around! Watch for more specifics in the months to come. We don’t want to lose you!

Our store on Church Street will be open for some more months. However, there are some exciting possibilities in the offing for that space. Watch for news! In the meantime, we will be open and doing business as usual. Come by and share a hug and a laugh. We’ll let you shop, too!

Ann and Ellen

Mingei World Arts

All the best Ann and Ellen!  The Decatur brick-and-mortar business landscape really won’t be the same without you!!

10 thoughts on “Mingei World Arts Will Be Leaving Church Street Location, But Isn’t Going Away”

  1. This may be good for Ellen and Ann, but it’s worse for Decatur than 5 restaurants closing. Thanks for all those great years of browsing and shopping, women and men of Mingei.

  2. *heavy sigh* Well, at least they’re not cutting us off cold-turkey…hope they can find a way to stay close!

  3. To Ann and Ellen: I hope you get to travel longer and linger in the places of your dreams. I enjoyed stopping in during the holidays and buying unique gifts – so I look forward to continuing those purchases online. For the rest of us – does this mean that Java Monkey or Yogurt Tap will expand?

    1. Dear RetailQueen– We don’t plan to limit ourselves to the internet! We hope to see you at seasonal sales, festivals, and other in-person events! We began as a business that did home sales, so we are kind of going full circle. Thanks for your support!

  4. Ann and Ellen – will miss stopping in and seeing what great things you have found on your travels and the great unique jewelry I can’t seem to resist. Terrific Thursdays just won’t be the same. Wishing you much luck

  5. Absolutely, the BEST store in Decatur! I will miss seeing you all, but will follow your market/merchandise wherever it is available. Do you have a website in development?

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