Rain, Rain…

Wow, it is terrible outside.  Here’s a post to discuss road conditions, closings, etc.  CSD sent out this note a short time ago…

All after school activities, sports games and practices, tutorials, clubs, and PTA meetings are canceled today, Wednesday, January 30 due to the severe weather watch. City of Decatur’s Animal Crackers, Whiz Kids and Project REAL after school care is still operating as usual. Buses may be delayed, but plan to run as usual. If severe weather hits during dismissal, we will follow our safety plan and delay dismissing students.

3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain…”

  1. Walked to the bus stop with the puppy, an umbrella and an extra raincoat to get the girl only to have her text me that she got a ride home from the stop. I’m soaked. She’s not. She owes me one ! (Don’t flame me, but I admit I did the unforgivable — I jaywalked across the ankle deep Commerce to save 8 additional minutes of being pelted by soaking rain.)

  2. Note to preteens/teens complaining about being thrown out into the storm yesterday:
    1. Bring your raincoat like your mother said. For the sake of coolness, you can wad it up in your backpack underneath all the forms and permission slips you never bring home.
    2. Umbrella too.
    3. Take the time to figure out which bus is yours ahead of time. I know it is not cool to ride the bus but every once in a while it’s useful. The time to figure out how to ride the bus home is not when there’s torrential rain and wind and the buses are leaving.
    4. The school cannot let you stay until the storm passes because a) the staff have to get home in the bad weather; b) the storm may last for hours; and c) kids hanging around after school with no activities=risk of mischief/fights.
    5. If there was tornado warning, with sirens going, I’m sure the school would let you shelter in the school and not throw you out into the street. Right, CSD?
    6. My vehicle is a mini-van which drives on roads which have traffic, not a helicopter. I can only get there so fast.
    7. Hang on until age 26 when your brain finishes developing; I love you; don’t do anything I wouldn’t do; text me so I know where you are.

    Thank you to the teachers and staff who helped out in official and personal ways at the end of the day yesterday; you know who you are.

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