What the…Decatur?

red building

Al sends in this pic.  Do you know the location?  Al will have to tell us if we’re right or wrong, since I don’t know where it’s located either!

13 thoughts on “What the…Decatur?”

  1. The mural on the side of the warehouse (loft?) right before you turn to go under the Arizona St bridge towards Dekalb Ave?

      1. I believe you meant to call it “the old Mulligan’s side of the old Big H building”. I miss Mulligan’s.

        1. Ah yes…from the funky dugout bar to the HamDog (or whatever they called that buger w/Krispy Kreme buns) to the bathrooms full of “industry” types doing blow…memories abound…

  2. Guess I’ll see it when I head home tonight. When was it painted red? If it’s always been red, then i need some serious work on my observation skills.

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