Trinity Triangle Development Showing Signs of Life

At Tuesday’s Decatur city commisison meeting, there was a brief conversation about the Trinity Triangle project (think the Dairy Queen and the accompanying rubble-y parking area), which has been on hold since the housing market tanked in 2008.

The conversation between Mayor Baskett, City Manager Merriss and Planning Director Amanda Thompson was a bit vague, so I followed up with Ms. Thompson and she clarified things.

I don’t have a date on when the project will break ground, but the site plan has been updated to incorporate the Dairy Queen in a newly built space as part of the overall building. The last adopted plan still kept Dairy Queen as a separate building. The total number of dwelling units, building height, garage location, entrances etc. have not changed so they do not need to go through a public hearing process again for this plan. They are still under the zoning ordinance adopted in 2009.

So in short, there’s no date yet on a ground-breaking, but the city has received an updated site plan, so that may be a sign of things to come.


10 thoughts on “Trinity Triangle Development Showing Signs of Life”

    1. That would be helpful for the DQ addicts in my household. Especially if they added gelato for me.

  1. Perhaps Trader Joe’s could take space in the bottom of the building!!??!! I did hear that LA Fitness wants to get in Decatur.

      1. I’ve heard the LA Fitness to Suburban Plaza rumor too. ++for Trader Joe’s – wish that had gone where Wal-Mart’s going in.

  2. I’m not going to lie – I have a few things I really like at Trader Joe’s but if you examine the sourcing of their products they are neck & neck with Wal Mart. I am very anti-WalMart because of their busniess practices including low wages, lack of benefits and their greed. They come in an over run all the mom & pops so that they can spread their made in China crap all over the place. I just think Trader Joe’s is WalMart in a smaller box.

    1. Yeah – Everyone should be enlightened enough to pay 50% more for fair trade, organic, locally sourced products.

      Doesn’t it just stink when people have the option to buy things they value at a lower price? Screw the poor if they want to stretch their dollar with low cost products.

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