Well in Decatur High School’s Courtyard

dhs courtyard

Chris sends in this photo and writes…

One of the responders to a recent post was surprise concerning courtyards at Dhs. I was there Saturday morning to pick up kids for MLK service day and took a pic. Long time teacher Eddie Fowlkes says the object in the foreground is a well that existed prior to the building of the original 1907 Central Grammar school (old Girls High).  I was told in 1976 by an old janitor that it was what was left of an old tunnel  from Agnes Scott to Girls high, designed and dug by Ga Tech boys. Who knows!

25 thoughts on “Well in Decatur High School’s Courtyard”

  1. Fascinating. Is that courtyard used? It’s certainly well-swept and -tended. Does the well serve as a bench and/or table? That lid looks easily removed. I hate to think of hijinks ending up with a student down the well. I don’t think a teen would survive as well as Baby Jessica did in 1980-whatever.

      1. Neuroscience has proven that common sense is a very late developmental stage in humans, especially male humans!!!

          1. Yeah, it just makes me feel better knowing there’s an explanation for the behavior of males in my life. And hope that their brains will eventually catch up with their shoe size.

            1. It’s beyond me how and why the males in your life abide this kind of insufferable condescension. Do you make it a habit to remind them often of their immaturity? God knows how we males ever manage to tie our shoes, much less finish college and keep a good job, as we Forrest-Gump our clueless way through life. What would we do without females to lead us by the hand all our lives?

                1. HA! Well played, Nell. You made me laugh aloud.

                  And yeah, I was a bit harsh on AHID. It’s not the first time she’s written posts with that theme, and I was tired of it. Guess it’s time to thicken my skin.

              1. To be fair, I think the topic was TEEN males, the group most likely to be found at DHS and at risk of falling in wells, not all males, and certainly not the mature, sophisticated males who read DM.

    1. If you look at your reflection in the bottom of a well,
      What you see is only on the surface.
      When you try to see the meaning, hidden underneath,
      The measure of the depth can be deceiving.
      The bottom has a rocky reputation

      “The Confessor”

      -Joe Walsh

  2. A tunnel? To Agnes Scott? Cool!

    I’m surprised no one has suggested a spleunking expedition. At the very least can we lower a video cam to see what’s still down there?

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