Dog Found on East Howard Avenue, Near Dairy Queen


Melanie found this very cute pit bull mix on East Howard Avenue near Dairy Queen today.  He did not have a collar or a microchip, nor is he neutered.

If he’s your’s, please contact Melanie at 404-432-9554.

7 thoughts on “Dog Found on East Howard Avenue, Near Dairy Queen”

  1. Unfortunately, this is the time of year that dogs most often get dumped. Hope that’s not what happened to this poor guy but, if it is, I can tell you Melanie that they make the best pets! If he ends up staying with you longer than expected, Lifeline Animal Project in Avondale Estates ( is a great resource for low cost neutering and vaccinations.

    1. Thanks JT. In my new job, which requires me to do a lot of driving in neighborhoods south of the East Lake Country Club, I see quite a few dogs that look abandoned. It is a pitiful sight, watching a dog, or a group of dogs, almost always malnourished, moving from yard to yard and crossing the street and searching, always searching for something. The only thing worse is finding a dog chained up in a back yard and seeing that dog, time and time again, when I visit a house for business, chained to the same spot. My vet, Dr. Cyndie Fordice, tells me that this is illegal and if true, then many people are breaking the law. As a dog lover, my heart almost always breaks seeing this kind of mistreatment.
      The only positive aspect of this comment is that because of Melanie, and Decatur Metro, there is a good chance that this dog will get a second chance in a home that will provide food, shelter, and love. If only all of God’s creatures could be so lucky!

      1. We might disagree about a lot of things around here, Chris, but at least on this we are in complete agreement. Crazy conservatives and bed-wetting liberals can both be animal lovers!

        [In case there be any confusion, Mr. B is the crazy conservative and I’m the bed-wetting liberal. Also, both “crazy” and “bed-wetting” should not necessarily be taken literally 😉 ]

  2. How old is the dog, what size and what gender? Does it get along with other dogs? We were going to wait for our elderly little dog to move on over the rainbow bridge to join his former companion dog, and let him enjoy only dog status for a while, but if this little one doesn’t find its owner, we may be interested in providing a forever home. Please keep me posted.

  3. It is true – there are many many dogs in our county right now that are abandoned or just put out. Most of those are pit bull mixes because they are the most overbred dog around – people breeding to sell them but finding that they no longer can sell them for more than like 10$ – it is a serious problem. If you need any guidance, let me know. These kind of dogs are very loyal and very very grateful when saved!

    [email protected]

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