18 thoughts on “Where the…Decatur?”

  1. Gotta love a place where High Times and Highlights are right next to each other–we all define “high” differently, I guess?

  2. Only in Decatur….!!

    I like the irony of the topics at the top of each magazine…

    “What did the green grape say to the purple grape?”
    “Feminized vs. regular seeds.”

  3. Would love to know which of the four magazines visible sold the most (if any) copies. My guess would be
    1. High Times 2. Highlights 3. Wired 4. Country Weekly.

  4. With a bow toward Lyrics Only Guy:

    Lyrics By: Robert Hunter
    Music By: Jerry Garcia

    You told me goodbye
    How was I to know
    You didn’t mean goodbye
    You meant please don’t let me go
    I was having a high time
    Living the good life
    Well I know

    The wheels are muddy
    Got a ton of hay
    Now listen here baby
    ‘Cause I mean what I say
    I’m having a hard time
    Living the good life
    Well I know

    I was losing time, I had nothing to do
    No-one to fight, I came to you
    Wheels broke down, the leader won’t draw
    The line is busted, the last one I saw

    Tomorrow comes trouble (note 1)
    Tomorrow comes pain
    Now don’t think too hard, baby
    ‘Cause you know what I’m saying
    I could show you a high time
    Living the good life
    Don’t be that way

    Nothing’s for certain
    It could always go wrong
    Come in when it’s raining
    Go on out when it’s gone
    We could have us a high time
    Living the good life
    Well I know

    1. I said, hey! you! get off of my cloud
      Hey! you! get off of my cloud
      Hey! you! get off of my cloud
      Don’t hang around cause twos a crowd
      On my cloud, baby

      -The Rolling Stones


  5. Fun! Our very small town posts a photo in each monthly town newsletter (a printed copy arrives via USPS mail) and it’s called “Where is it?” The photographer asks “where was I standing and what direction was I facing?” Of course, this presumes people know which way is north! If you email him the correct answer, with your permission, your name is posted in the next month’s newsletter. Pretty quaint, huh?

  6. I once raised the issue with a guy who worked there about the wisdom of placing these two magazines so close together on the rack. He got red-faced mad and went on an extended rant about how the federal government is out to get the working man. Awkward.

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