Morning Metro: Q&A with Jim Baskett, Secrets of Antico, and We’re Technically All Women First

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  1. The Q and A with the new mayor is a good read if you’re interested in the proposed annexation and difficulties our schools face. Previously, I never understood the financial argument for annexation when the city would spend as much on new services as it would get back in revenue. He suggests that while the city won’t gain additional revenue, the real estate taxes for the schools go directly to them, so it would be a huge boon for them.

  2. DeKalb County state legislators indicated at the townhall meeting last night, at Agnes Scott, that they were all in agreement that this is very unlikely to hsppen as the majority of them are against it. COD has not to date presented to them, however today is the first official day of the new session.
    For or against your the affected areas should emailing all of your state representatives.

    1. There was a really good vibe about this meeting. Everyone present—the DeKalb delegation and full audience, including some of our DeKalb Commissioners and Fred Boykin for the City– seemed genuinely interested in trying to figure out how to tackle some of the main issues facing DeKalb. Hopefully all of the elected officials left there feeling inspired. If they’d all be willing to work together to seek the best for all of DeKalb, things could turn around quickly for our County.

      For the folks interested, here’s the link to Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick’s notes from the meeting:

  3. Great link about how men begin as women. Make perfect sense to me. I always wondered why I cry when Theodin dies in Return of the King and I still enjoy listening to Joni Mitchell and Cat Stephens records. Now I know it’s just my feminine beginning. Thanks DM!

  4. Re the interview with Baskett, I was somewhat confused by his statement about annexation being a wash when the cost of services are considered, but a boon to the school system. Isn’t school a service, and an expensive one at that? I assume he was referring only to the annexation that is currently on the table, but even with that, surely some additional students will be added, right?
    At any rate, he sounded very doubtful that the legislature is going to go for it anyway.

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