Free-For-All Friday 1/11/13

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the past week.

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  1. Can anyone suggest a good place to donate a working 32 inch tube television? Am I just best off with Goodwill or FODAC?

    1. Funny you should ask. If you’d like to help some dogs and other homeless pets:

      We went there for the first time last weekend to donate some stuff, ended up buying some cool stuff (apparently Mrs. J_T would rather me shop at thrift stores than Walmart) and noticed in the corner several old tv’s which I made note of because a) when we moved last year I wanted to get a small tv for the bedroom and was shocked that you couldn’t buy an “old-style” tv at Walmart anymore and b) we have a larger working, but did I mention LARGER, tv that we don’t need anymore but is just taking up space in the garage. If you see another goofy-looking guy dropping off a tv there, that’ll be me (assuming I don’t get shot or something venturing that far into Postal Decatur for the second week in a row 🙂

      1. Thanks. I have been hoping to find an organization that can actually use it rather than just sell it, but there’s probably a glut of these types of donations.

      2. Dear God man! Why are you taking risks with your life like that?! This post needs to be moderated, we can’t go giving kids any ideas like that! Think of the children!!!!! 😈

      3. Not to say you won’t get shot, but Second Life is not in “postal Decatur” – it is in your neighboring city of Avondale Estates. Yes, AE does still have a few businesses. 😉

          1. Actually, the Walmart is outside the AE city limits and qualifies as “postal Decatur” – which is handy since one can buy a gun there to shoot Decaturites venturing outside their safety zone. 😉

      1. +1. Did you know that homeless families are not allowed to move into Section 8 housing unless they have furniture? Please consider making the Furniture Bank your stop the next time you replace your couch, beds, etc.

  2. There has not been any recent activity at either of the two new Mexican restaurants – the former Feast space nor the DD space. Does anyone have an update? There still seems to continuing work at Victory Sandwich.

    1. I saw some guys working on the outside of the old DD place on Wednesday. I even took a picture, intending to send it to DM.

  3. Someone posted this in the winnona park listserv. I thought it was worth spreading to the entire city. I can only add that often kids playing in the street sometimes can seem oblivious even with adults nearby. It’s as if they feel safety in numbers. Even when cars are driving very slowly, the kids/adults are often slow to clear a path.

    >I am out driving every morning before sunup, and while I do pay attention to the road, there have been several instances lately where I came upon runners/walkers suddenly because they were dressed in dark clothing. Reflective vests or strips on shirts would be the best thing to wear, as having reflective material only on your shoes means you are easy to miss in the dark. At the very least, put a white top on And please don’t run behind cars pulling out of driveways, especially trucks and SUVs – you are invisible behind these tall vehicles. I come out of my driveway slowy, but the other morning had what seemed like a near miss as someone ran behind me. It is also not easy to see the dogs you are walking, many of which are allowed to wander to the full length of their leash, even with cars approaching. A reflective vest for your best friend is a good investment. I’m trying to be very careful, and hope all the pedestrians are, too. No one wants to be hit, and I sure don’t want to hit you. I’ll keep my eyes open, but help all us early morning drivers by making sure you are visible.

    1. Sarah, I have to second your concerns. I leave for work early, back Very slowly out if my drive and crawl down the road in Oakhurst, but have had several close encounters. Runners in dark clothes with back to traffic, kids at bus stop shoving each other further into street, and biker / strollers moving around parked cars without looking back first. I know we have bad sidewalks that prevent some vehicles, especially power wheelchairs, from using them, but it is a problem. My pet peave is the parked or waiting cars facing the wrong way at the bus stop. Someway we as a community need more education?

      1. Issues exist on some streets on northside too. But not just in the morning but also in the evening and on weekends, whenever kids are out of school. I completely get that kids like the wide open spaces on slower streets but even those streets have a fair amount of traffic and visibility can be tough in twilight or dawn hours. I don’t see an easy answer and it’s hard to mention to specific parents because of different perspectives on safety, free range parenting approach, etc. I do worry. There’s drivers on our streets who are inexperienced and/or not tuned in to the risk of kids darting out and/or speeding and inattentive. And even drivers who are careful find it hard to spot pedestrians in the dim or dark hours. Intown streets are good for walk and roll but just don’t make good playgrounds.

    2. “Under the seeming disorder of the old city, wherever the old city is working successfully, is a marvelous order for maintaining the safety of the streets and the freedom of the city. It is a complex order. Its essence is intricacy of sidewalk use, bringing with it a constant succession of eyes. This order is all composed of movement and change, and although it is life, not art, we may fancifully call it the art form of the city and liken it to the dance — not to a simple-minded precision dance with everyone kicking up at the same time, twirling in unison and bowing off en masse, but to an intricate ballet in which the individual dancers and ensembles all have distinctive parts which miraculously reinforce each other and compose an orderly whole. The ballet of the good city sidewalk never repeats itself from place to place, and in any once place is always replete with new improvisations.”
      ― The Death and Life of Great American Cities

  4. I’ve had it with my 12 year old energy-efficient front loading washer. It still washes fine but I’m tired of the mold and smell on that giant rubber gasket thingy or whatever it is that requires one to either replace it or buy special washer cleaner. Having to wash a washer just doesn’t seem right to me. Plus the stiff plastic rim that it attaches to is starting to shred a little, occasionally snagging on pantyhose. All in all I have not liked having a front loading washer even though front loaders are supposedly more energy and water efficient and cheaper to run.

    My question is whether all front loaders come with those rubber gasket thingies. Has the technology changed so that there are options that do not involve a risk of mold and smell? Any recommendations out there? If nothing’s changed, I’m going back to a top loading washer. I find top loaders more flexible, especially if I want to do something like dye a piece of clothing.

    1. Hmmmm. It may depend on the brand. We’ve had a front loader for almost 10 years and don’t have any of the issues you describe. When we switched from top loader, one of my immediate reactions was that the clothes seemed cleaner. From loaders are supposed to be easier on the clothes also, since they don’t get jerked around as much and the spin is gentler.

    2. We’ve been very happy with our high efficiency, top loading Maytag Bravos. At least, no problems in the year and a half we’ve had it. We were worried about possible mold issues since our laundry room is uninsulated and will likely remain that way until we eventually do a major renovation, but that hasn’t been a problem at all. And the clothes to seem to come out much nicer than with my old-fashioned top loading agitator.

        1. Damn. We are agreeing on way too much lately. Have you registered as a Democrat yet? Or am I turning red in my old age?!?

            1. You mean somewhere in the middle, right between the beer and the Jager, right? Speaking of which, I still owe you one or two of those. Email me off DM ( and let me know when you get a hall pass to rectify that. Or should we even try to do another DM happy hour?

                  1. Would love to do it again; the question is if I have time available. Damn kids and their Cub Scouts, school, personal lives, etc. And I have to feed the little punks, like, every day!

                    Thanks for your personal address. I’ll add it to my contact list and hope to be able to meet you (again) at Trackside one day soon. Would also love to meet Scott, and see Deanne again. Maybe Mr. B. will join us and add some spice to the conversation. 🙂

    3. I hate my front loader too. I’ve only had it for about 4 years but it does not smell. I think this is because i keep it open unless I’m using it. I never, ever close it when it’s wet inside. In fact, I’ve never washed it with that special soap either, even though I bought the soap when I got the washer!

      1. Yeah, we keep the door on ours cracked when we’re not using it so there’s no moisture trapped inside.

        1. I do that too. And then the light bulb burns out, right? And because the tub is low, it’s dark and hard for me to see in.

          I’m just not a happy camper, am I?!!

    4. I run a hot bleach cycle periodically in my front loader when it starts to funk up. Seems to help. (And no special cleanser required.)

    5. Frigidaire Galaxy, bought new in 1999, love it. Much kinder to my clothes, more efficient w/ small loads (compared to a top loader). Never noticed any smell. I usually leave the door open for a while after using it. Also, I use clorox in several loads each month (sheets & towels, bath rugs, kitchen towels) — maybe that helps. I’m sure they all have some kind of gasket around the door.

    6. Thanks for all this great feedback. Our 2001 top loader is a Maytag Neptune. I believe this model was particularly bad. Nonetheless I am gunshy and want to hear about models without mold issues. I use bleach occasionally AND the special cleaner and nothing is going to help other than replacing the gasket thingy. A couple of years ago someone on DM explained that they did it themselves successfully but with care and effort, neither of which are my strong point in the mechanics area. And if the hard plastic rim needs replacing too, it seems like time to ditch this machine. Maybe an HE toploader is the way to go; didn’t even know that was an option.

      1. We have a 1-year-old LG front loader and it also gets that smell you’re describing if we don’t do a few things. Like others have mentioned, we have to leave the door open. Also, every now and then you need to wipe out the circular rubber part, where the door closes (it can get really funky). There’s also a drain at the bottom and we even open that sometimes. It’s worked for the most part. We do, however, buy the washer cleaner and run it through, probably once per month.

        My Mother has had 2 washers in my entire lifetime and has never had any of the issues we’re talking about (neither was a new-fangled, aka expensive, front-loader). Not sure how I feel about this – just saying. Also, with the HE top loaders – they still need to get enough water in them to cover your clothes so you’re probably not saving water, but they probably are more efficient as far as energy consumption. After re-reading, I don’t think I’ve helped you at all but at least I got to talk a little about my significant laundry investment.

        1. Talking about your washer is an important emotional outlet! After all, we spend as much time with it as we do with some of our best friends!

          1. Speak for yourself. I wash my clothes with and old-fashioned washboard and a few river rocks. It’s the only Earth-friendly thing to do.

          2. I do remember my grandmother’s old wringer washer sitting on the back porch. It was a huge improvement over the old washboard days.

            1. My grandmother’s was down cellar until she got a modern one. It was fascinating but I barely remember it. I hear they were dangerous to children who had a tendency to poke at them and get their arms pulled in. Like New Scott’s mother, she had only two washers in her, and my, lifetime. So all in all, I suppose I should appreciate my [email protected]#$%^ Maytag Neptune which does have a fairly functional spin cycle if nothing else. Unless I overload it with towels or bath rugs.

      2. The Maytag Neptune series suffers from this problem, especially the older models. We had the same issue with ours, which was a 1998 or 99 model. It would stink and the gasket just got nasty. It finally went kaput and we got a Samsung front loader. Now I make sure to leave the door open after a wash (it also doesn’t have a light in the door) and I avoid letting clothes sit in it for any length of time. No problems so far and we’ve had it almost two years. In my experience, the front loaders do a better job than top loaders and are much easier on the clothes. I also make sure to buy the HE detergent. As an aside, I never use Tide. My mom worked in the linen department at Rich’s for many years and said every time somebody came in with towels that changed color or had spots after washing, Tide was always the detergent. Good luck with your next washer.

        1. Re Tide: Wow, did not know this. Consumer Reports always ranks Tide HE high and I’m addicted to Tide HE with Febreeze (because of the washer smell issues!), a product which can only be found in the huge 150 oz. economy size at the N. Druid Hills Target (in case anyone else is an aficianado). I have to admit that we’ve had some towels get splotchy in recent years. So another savings with a better washing machine would be being able to use a cheaper detergent and saving on towels! I’m getting psyched!

          1. When I was shopping for my economy washer last year, the salesperson said that the key to keeping the fancy machines from smelling is to use the exact amount– and NO MORE!– of the HE detergent. Who knew too much soap could make a stink?

            My sister adds sprays of pet odor neutralizer to the soap when hers starts getting whiffy (also good for bedtime accident sheets). And she runs baking soda through every once in a while. It definitely helps.

            1. I hear these stories about the HE washers and all I can think is it’s just a washing machine. Water, suds, duds. I don’t think NASA babies its space craft as much as those washing machines.
              Another example of sometimes newer isn’t always better (see mercury containing light bulbs).

            2. Oh, yeah, soap… I use HE Tide and use about 1/4 to 1/3 as much detergent for each load as I would use with a top loader. Otherwise, I find soapsuds lingering in the creases of the door gasket. Maybe you’ve been using too much? Also, I use Tide almost exclusively because it’s more consistently available in the HE variety. Have never noticed any problem.

                1. I find that nowadays most detergents are designated HE. If you are someone like me who does all their laundry on one day of the week, try making the last load be a hot bleach load, then leave the door open.

  5. Does Decatur have a good place to watch the Falcons game on Sunday? Would love to watch with others in a sports bar environment as long as it isn’t standing room only. Thanks!

    1. Trudy – there are many good places to watch the Falcons in Decatur, these are only a few off the top of my head:
      I’d first try Taco Mac, since it has a lot of TVs. It can get crowded quickly, so secure a place early.
      If it’s too crowded, try Big Tex Cantina just down the street on Ponce de Leon Place.
      Or in Oakhurst, Universal Joint will be showing the game. IT’s a bit cramped, but if you can find a table with a view of the screen, you’ll have a great time.

      Go Falcons!

    2. We’ve got a lot of great options around Decatur. Places where the TV situation works great for a game:

      – Square Pub
      – McGowans
      – Big Tex
      – U-Joint
      – Taco Mac
      – Trackside

      Offbeat recommendations, where you can comfortably watch the game and get some drinks without it being overcrowded:

      – The bar at Parker’s
      – The bar at Colbeh
      – The bar at Twain’s
      – The bar at Raging Burrito

      I would avoid the following because the TV’s are tiny, non-existent, poorly located, etc

      – Marlay
      – Thinking Man’s
      – Mac MacGee’s
      – Leon’s
      – Brickstore

      I’ve left the best establishment in town off this list because I don’t want it to get overcrowded.

      1. “I’ve left the best establishment in town off this list because I don’t want it to get overcrowded”

        No you didn’t. You mentioned Trackside. Carry on…

    3. Square Pub is great for watching games if you can get a seat at the bar. Big game days are my favorite time to go to Leons or (especially) Brickstore because their lack of tvs usually equal smaller-than-normal crowds.

    4. Big Tex is rapidly becoming a very popular game day option. Having said that, your requirement of “not standing room only” might be in jeopardy for such a big game (unless, of course, you get there decently early).

      Trackside is a sneaky good option as well. And Macgowans has more TVs than you’d normally expect for a place of its ilk.

      You can find good food and beers at all of the above recommendations. If you want terrible service and even worse food, hit up Taco Mac Decatur. They do have lots of TVs and lots of beer, but frankly it’s not worth darkening their door.

  6. We awoke this morning at 5:30 am to the sounds of what I think is bats in my attic/crawl space. They seem very happy (and dry), but I would like to find them a new home. Anyone have this experience and successfully relocate the critters? Looking for a recommendation.

  7. Does anyone know when the Golden Corral at North DeKalb Mall is supposed to open? (I can’t believe I’m asking this question…)

    1. Thank you for the good laugh. Not the part about the Golden Corral so much but the “I can’t believe I am asking this question part.”

      1. No shame or humor in asking that question, I ask it almost every day! I’m especially excited that I’ve been given free reign to eat there whenever I want, as long as it’s at lunchtime and Mrs. J_T doesn’t have to watch.

      1. Is that a gang, or is it just teenagers doing what they’ve always done, and mimicking what they see in the media? Despite the gang signing, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s stricly entertainment.

          1. Well, kids posing aren’t going to brag about getting good grades and visiting Grandma. It looks like kids – pretty talented kids – posing to me.

          2. I am trying to listen to the lyrics but I can’t understand what they’re saying. Are they written down anywhere?

            1. Beg your pardon, Good Sir?

              Allow me to express my general satisfaction.

              If I may inconvenience you for a moment of your time:

              (Refrain) I am speaking to you from a public housing complex built with a goodly amount of rectangular, kiln-cooked oblong blocks of clay. It is my sincere contention that this part of the fair city of Decatur is it’s most authentic and important neighborhood.

              I remain committed and loyal to my chums and acquaintances who find themselves temporarily inconvenienced by the local constabulary. I vow to assist them in any way that I can.

              One particular case has my attention at this point, as the grandmother of a young lad has resorted to orations and genuflections in hopes of securing his release from this unfortunate circumstance.

              My entire earthly vessel spills over with physical discomfort at the thought.

              I sense that the ends of my digits are soiled and my very thoughts are so preoccupied with a particular coca-based narcotic that it is as if my auditory appendages were filled with said stimulant. I am verily enmeshed in this business.

              I started when still but a whelp, and chose not to attend the lessons offered me at the local academy in order to ingest ignited cannabis with like-minded fellows.

              Their only concern was about carnal relations with fallen women. Do you misunderstand that which I am saying?

              My colleagues and I would insist that the young ladies exit the premises in order to partake of a game of chance with six-sided cubes marked with pips. Should any of those gentlemen involved in the game attempt to take press an illegal advantage during the game, my marksmanship is quite effective. In fact, it is as effective as exchanging specie with a smoking accessory for a piece of the substance for which the accessory is intended.


              I will never grow tired of this place. I made a heartfelt vow never to ingest the smoke of tobacco or cannabis should I not ply my trade in the most authentic, successful way.

              I have upset a young lady with whom I have had a relationship. She implied that she wished to apply ink beneath the topmost layers of her skin in the form of my name. I agreed with this idea, suggesting that she put it on her upper torso. I then festooned the very spot myself. As I had done so, it was the turn of one of my close colleagues to also do so.

              The residents of this entire jurisdiction are familiar with us, but this is not because of any particular efforts on our part. We are simply allowed to be here due to the respect we have been given. We have a quarrel with a bunch of fellows who refer to themselves as having only one visual input organ. I have an incandescent item of such size and quality that it would cause you to become incapacitated by merely looking upon it and you would feel like you were gamboling in the strands of my long, braided locks. And I announce that I, too am very incapacitated.


              God’s Fallen Angel haunts my mind as I select my mates. I found myself dozing of when the local vicar began his sermon. A woman of advanced age offered my a copy of the Good Book after securing my attention with a hand upon my upper quadrant. Simultaneously my uncle’s son offered my a long-barreled fire arm and a side arm as well.

              I am filled with verities and offer a sign of commitment to my close ones. If you cast your sight into a gentleman’s ocular region, you can sense more verities. I surely will be committed to the underworld if I were to allow others to impede my path.

              I am striving for the next piece of American currency, to have carnal relations with the next woman I hold in low esteem and to have unimpeachable sartorial sense. All about me want that tender morsel symbolizing success which I have already ingested. Before I depart I will express all my vexations in my following missive before I prepare another large cannabis wrapped in paper.

              Allow me to express my general satisfaction.


              1. Well, dang. Best comment of 2013 and we’re only two weeks into January. No point posting for the rest of the year. See y’all in 2014.

              2. Well done, sir, though co-writing credit must go to the late Royal Marshal. Boo Got Shot indeed!

                [If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just Google “Boo got shot”. Royal was the only thing that ever made Boortz tolerable]

                1. Introducing us to Ralph from Ben Hill was the best thing Boortz ever did.

                  Boo Got Shot was/is a classic. I about wrecked my car listening to his take on that!

                  1. That didn’t come out quite right. I really enjoyed Royal, and cried over his way too soon death. I just didn’t get to enjoy him that often. After years of listening to mainly talk radio,when WSB came to be overtaken by toxic spewings, I pretty much dropped the station from consideration.

    1. Oh my goodness! This is like triple awesome! I can just see it now, students in all our schools singing, “The Bricks, the Sticks, the City of Decatur, the Heart of Decatur”. Snoop Dogg ain’t got nothin’ on Lil Hulk!

  8. So, after three trips to the Watershed Management office we finally got our water bill from December corrected. No explanation of why they re-read the meter correctly and didn’t issue a credit, why the meter was read incorrectly in the first place, etc. Not to mention the line of 40 other people with issues.

    I asked for a digital meter which they offered the last time, and this time I had to argue for it. They said that they were “really busy” and it would probably be installed in 14 days, they installed it the next day- so I’m not sure how “busy” they really are.

    When can we privatize Watershed Management? I can’t believe that we are going to pay pensions for these people.

    1. Not sure privatizing helps. It’s not like Verizon or Comcast are joys to deal with.

      Re vanity plates: I don’t want total permissiveness. Kids sitting passively in the car shouldn’t have to see filth or hate on license plates. Maybe it would help to narrow the scope of the review to just porn and hate language. Those have squishy areas too but at least they are more obviously upsetting to general viewers than things like “MUTINY” and “G0DROKS” and “GAYPWR”.

      1. In light of the ready availability of bumper stickers of all kinds, I can’t see how any limits on vanity license plates would make a difference w/r/t to protecting children. Not to mention, your average movie has more foul language/violence/etc than can possibly be crammed onto a license plate.

        1. My kids don’t go to the average movie! Seriously. Actually, kids don’t go to the movies much anymore. Movies can’t compare with what they can get on home TV or portable devices. And I can control that. (Hint for newbies: best way to control kids’ access to web and social media is to set up a password and forget it. Works like a charm. I’ve done it unintentionally many a time. Kids can’t argue with it. They know how scatterbrained I am about technology.)

          Good point about bumper stickers. I would like to ban porn or hate on those too. Should be an easy way for police to raise money through tickets–easy to detect a violation.

          1. I don’t know, I also have a password set up on the TV, but it seems that a lot of stuff I’d rather keep from them gets through. Then you have totally random things that are blocked, like a reality show about tuna fishing of all things.

      2. There was a story on NPR (wait, wait don’t tell me, I think) about a woman who was denied her vanity plate. She just wanted it to say I Love Tofu!
        What’s wrong with that??

          1. Ah, jeez. I was also wondering what the objection could be. I think that’s stupid. People whose minds run that way are going to see titillating content all around them. Big deal, whatever. Why are we spending precious tax dollars to pay people to sit around and sift through these applications and make what amount to arbitrary and subjective distinctions? I’m personally more offended by lameness and lack of imagination than by profanity. (Not to mention the religious discrimination embedded in the latest plate redesign.) If that many people are willing to waste money on custom plates, I say take their money and let them put whatever stupidity they want on there.

    2. After almost two years of “estimated” water bills due a a broken meter that we reported frequently with no replacement, we finally called our county commissioner’s office. It was replaced within the week!

      1. Yep, that’s what happened to me, too. After spending hours and hours trying to straighten out a ridiculously high bill, I finally took a photo of my meter and sent it in. And then wrote to every commissioner I could think of. They finally gave me a credit on my bill and replaced the meter.

    3. Oh, I could tell you horror stories about my water bills, and my neighbors as well. There needs to be a total clearing out of that place. Most inefficient bureaucracy around, and I’ve dealt with DMV, too.

      Isn’t Watershed the entity that prompted police raids on Ellis’ office?

      1. Yes, exactly. After I got the credit sorted out I still had to go out and pay…there were 7 stations that all appeared to be occupied and one person actually working. How does the management allow personnel to hide in the back? One person actually walked in, grabbed the coffee pot and went to the back to get water while the rest of stood there and waited to pay.

        1. I do not believe in the Catholic version of “sexual difference marriage” but I love the concept of Purgatory. That kind of behavior results in many months in Purgatory. Justice will be served.

  9. FFA readers,

    ITonight is Peach State Opera’s performance in English of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly at 8pm at Georgia Perimeter College’s Clarkston Campus in the Cole Auditorium. Yersterday in the AJC, you will find an offer from where you can buy tickets for half of the general admission price of $22 for $11. After you purchase them online, they will be held for you at will call. The Cole Auditorium has ample free parking and this is close to home and a wonderful opportunity to experience opera if you’ve not done so before. You can go to to learn more about the company and meet the cast.

    I hope to see a lot of Decatur People there tonight,

    Nancy Martin
    Peach State Opera

  10. Today’s “wah wah” gripe is about the average length of time it takes for any given traffic light in downtown Decatur to cycle through. I understand there’s more traffic now and it’s a small grid with short blocks, but it takes an ABSURD amount of time to travel through downtown, even if you use the Commerce loop.

    1. Actually traffic in downtown Decatur decreased over the past 5 years or so, according to COD studies. By “ABSURD” I’m guessing you mean “52 seconds more than I would like for it to take”? I guess you could always walk.

      1. I am speaking about occasions in which I am required to pass through downtown Decatur to get to another nearby, but not walkable in a timely manner, location.

      1. Scott/Clairemont was built for cars. Much of downtown is actually built for people, and cars get to come through. Neither works well for cars, but at least in downtown you have transportation options. The cure (to all of our traffic problems and many other problems) is to reduce the number of cars because you can’t time the lights or expand the roads enough to make everyone happy. Timing lights and expanding roads only nets more cars.

    1. Ssshhh! JunderscoreT and Nellie will start rhapsodizing about Jack and Coke slushies again, and it’s just irritating to be tantalized over and over.

      1. Well, I wasn’t going to but since you brought it up…

        We walked by there yesterday and peeked in after dinner at Sapori di Napoli and the first thing I said was “I don’t see a slushie machine yet!’

    2. There was work going on there Friday afternoon, and a guy out front talking about hoping next week. I am hoping he was talking about the Victory opening!

  11. Early in the morning and after dark I sometimes see people using the toy park as a dog park. This obviously endangers the health of the kids who play there. The dog owners aren’t picking up the poop, since the dogs are running around the park in the dark. How can we stop this from happening?

  12. You can try to contact the church that runs the park. However, you’d be surprised at how many kids, or I should say how many parents, allow their children to poop and pee in that park. It’s gross.

        1. Yes, and it obviously endangers the health of the dogs that run around in there early in the morning and after dark.

  13. Any suggestions on where to get eyeglasses? Hoping for reasonable price (not looking for high fashion or super hot brand name frames) and decent service. Thanks in advance!

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