Chocolate Bar Space for Lease


As GBK Gwyneth pointed out in a comment yesterday, the Chocolate Bar space on West Ponce, next to Ted’s Montana Grill, has a For Lease sign up in its window.  It’s currently unclear whether the business has closed or moved, but it looks like they’ve moved out of the Artisan building.


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  1. We used to go there, and they apparently went through some changes in ownership, which caused them to lose their way. I knew the last time through would be our last — they even forgot what made their chocolate martinis so fabulous. (A little olive ganache on a swizzle stick, and name brand liquor. Also lots of shaking so it feels like a real chocolate shake.)

  2. Hmm. That furniture doesn’t appear to be chained…
    As soon as original owner Karen Britain sold the place, the new owner opened a second location in Castleberry Hill as The Original Chocolate Bar (huh?). It closed a while back. A look at Yelp reviews will give an idea of why it didn’t last either.
    Karen had a great concept and two great chefs when she opened. She just didn’t have enough space there and was a victim of success in a Yogi Berra kind of way; nobody went there anymore because it was too crowded. Then there are the usual Decatur parking issues where people just won’t use the county garage or even validated garage parking

    1. Then there are the usual Decatur parking issues where people just won’t use the county garage or even validated garage parking.

      Yeah, this really hurts business at Brick Store, Leons, 246, Cakes & Ale, Yogurt Tap, Iberian Pig, etc. etc.

      You can tell from my sarcasm that I do not really buy this as an excuse. They closed because people did not like to got there.

      Can’t wait to see what comes up there next.

      1. The businesses you mention are all pretty much on or near the Square. The Square is a destination in itself. Businesses outside that area struggle with a perception of parking issues, even if there are no real issues.

  3. Wonder if the street furniture is up for grabs. Hasn’t been moved next to the building and locked in weeks.

  4. If the furniture isn’t locked, I’m pretty surprised that it hasn’t disappeared by now. The benches put out in neighborhood greenspaces seem to disappear quickly if not cemented in or chained.

  5. We used to go there a lot before they changed owners. It was a great after dinner place. But since ownership changed the place just wasn’t the same and we didn’t go back. Shame. It’s a great concept.

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