Sheepish Moving Up Ponce

Carrie, the owner of Sheepish at 335 West Ponce, wrote into DM today to let us know that the business would be moving up Ponce this month and relocating to 308 West Ponce de Leon Avenue (the strip that’s bookended by Cafe Lily and Big Tex).

Carrie says that she’s moving because Sheepish couldn’t afford the rent increase and that a new business would soon take over the spot in the 335 building.  She also states that she had been offered the old Melrose house next door, but a lack of handicap access was a major reason why that didn’t happen.

All the best to Sheepish at its new location!

12 thoughts on “Sheepish Moving Up Ponce”

  1. When I learned that Sheepish had to move, 308 WPdL was the first place that came to my mind. I’m so glad that our yarn shop will be able to stay local! I am curious about who is offering more $$ to move into 335 … any news on that? Speaking of “coming soon”, who wants to open a satellite Dancing Goats that stays open late in the Chocolate Bar space that now appears to be “For Lease”?

    1. Why DOES Dancing Goats close so early? I’d be there a lot more often if they were open later. I don’t really enjoy the ambiance at Java Monkey, and Cakes & Ale bakery isn’t open Sun and Mon nights.

      1. +1 Java Monkey doesn’t have enough light for reading or doing work. Dancing Goats would be perfect. At least it’s not closing at 4 PM like it did when it first openend.

    1. Glad you are staying in Decatur but we’ll miss seeing the kitty in the window on Friday nights during our post Taqueria walk to Swirlin’ Twirlin’.
      Maybe we’ll come visit anyway 🙂

  2. With the headline above, am I the only one who has the theme song from “The Jeffersons” going through my head?

  3. Sheepish is a great store run by great people, and I hope it thrives in the new location. We are incredibly lucky to have a good yarn shop right here in town because (1) it’s a boon for us local knitters and (2) it is a destination people will cross the metro area to visit. There aren’t that many good yarn shops around.

  4. Thank you so much for all the kind words! We are so happy to be staying in Decatur. I think this is going to be a good fit for us.

    As for Bibi the cat, she will now have TWO windows to choose from! Please take a little detour to come visit her. She would be devastated if her fan club were to dwindle because of the move. I swear she is the most photographed cat in Decatur. Plus after tacos & yoghurt, a walk will make you feel good!

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