Lost Dog in Oakhurst

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Rachel writes in…

Our Beagle Mix, Emma, ran away from our house around 8 pm on Thursday Jan. 3 2013. We live at 428 Oakview Rd. We got her from PAWS on 12/15/12. She’s scared of almost anything so she has to be found. We have contacted the Village Vets, the ACO, and have also put up make-shift flyers around Oakhurst. It would be great if y’all could spread the word too.

8 thoughts on “Lost Dog in Oakhurst”

  1. saw her on Thursday on west benson and Adams. tried to get her in car. almost had her! she ran up Adams toward McCoy park. I hope you find her.

  2. We saw her running down Oakview towards Candler Thursday night . I tried to follow her but she was way too fast. It looked like she had a retractable leash attached to her which was not helping out in the scared factor. I couldn’t tell if she went on to Candler or if she turned toward Agnes Scott. I hope she is found soon!

  3. Rachel….so happy to hear that she came home. Our husky mix Ginger disappeared on New Year’s Eve, and returned home YESTERDAY!!!! Isn’t it such a relief???

    1. So happy for everyone! I have been looking out for Ginger when I go for runs through the neighborhood. 🙂 Glad to know the dogs made it home!

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