Independent Distillery Co. Planning To Open in Decatur This Fall

From a recent AJC article on the growing number of Georgia distilleries…

Independent Distilling Co.

This craft distillery company run by Michael Anderson and Thomas Williams has signed a lease on a property in Decatur, where it plans to open next fall. The company will produce very small batches of whiskey, seasonal brandies and grappa using a 60-gallon still.

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  1. Allison Adams and I went on a bourbon road trip through Kentucky last month and had whiskey adventures galore at major- and microdistilleries. We lamented the lack of one in our beloved Decatur. This news actually made me cry from happiness.

    1. Question, how do you do a series of bourbon tastings? Swirl and spit like wine? I’d never heard of that with bourbon, though of course if you swallowed all of it, you’d have a hard time standing up for long.

      1. Most distilleries that do tours also do tastings. At bigger places like Woodford Reserve, they might give you a full ounce and only sample one label. At smaller places like Corsair Artisan, they’ll often let you taste anything they’ve got in stock in the gift shop, but the samples are only about a teaspoonful, and they cap the total number at around 4. You smell the bourbon, then hold it in your mouth for a moment to process the mouthfeel and initial notes. Then you swallow it and note the way the notes change. If you’re sampling multiple bourbons, you might go back and forth between them to compare. You don’t spit it out (or at least no one ever has at any of the distilleries or whiskey tastings I’ve been to). If you’re on the bourbon trail, you’re not drinking enough at any one distillery to get a buzz. If you’re at a whiskey tasting with a rep of the company (say at Mac McGee’s), you just have somebody else drive you home. 😉

  2. This is great news. Went to a similar indie micro distillery while visiting Chicago and wished we had one here. Had a lovely time taste testing their Vodka and Gin.

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