Active Living Staff Moving Back In To the Rec, Facility to Open in February

Asst. Director of Decatur Active Living Cheryl Burnette sent out a note on Friday announcing that Active Living staff were moving back in the newly renovated Decatur Recreation Center and the front desk at the facility would be open for registrations and payments on January 7th.  Programming will commence at the Rec on February 4th, according to the note.  There’s also a bit more info on the move over on Active Living’s blog.

What’s new at the Rec?  The email showed off a few new features…

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 8.40.37 AM

20 thoughts on “Active Living Staff Moving Back In To the Rec, Facility to Open in February”

  1. Thanks DAL. I’ve been by twice to walk around over the past few weeks and the Rec is looking great. Old timers will still recognize some of the aspects of the original building (ticket booth where Mr. and Mrs. Morgan sold DHS basketball tickets and main entrance area still the same). I’m hoping that the warps in the gym floor have finally been corrected even though it gave the DHS basketball teams quite an advantage over visiting teams knowing where the bumps and dead spots were. My only suggestion is that the memorial plaque to the Scott family, who donated the property for a rec center back in the late 40s could use a little attention, maybe a good polishing and the monument a pressure washing.
    Speaking of the Scott family, I remember seeing a picture of the old Scott mansion before it was torn down. It was quite a beautiful Victorian style home. The carriage house of the mansion still sits in the back of the Rec property.

        1. Yes, the property was donated by the family of George Washington Scott, the son of Agnes Scott. But I don’t know if Scott Blvd. was named after them. Sounds plausible!

    1. We (our town) voted in favor of a bond referendum to raise $16M (my recollection) for several projects including this one. This was Decatur’s first bond referendum in almost 50 years. The Rec Center was over ready for a renovation and modernization. This comment sounds like sour grapes to me.

    2. The bathrooms were so quaint that I wondered if they could be sold on eBay. But it always had a wonderful feel given the wonderful people working there. I look forward to more of that.

  2. Now that the rec center is done (and looking awesome), lets vote to fix up the library! Or build an extension to the rec with an indoor pool 🙂

    1. I think the library, which is actually county not city, would be far better served if it were given more funding for staffing and acquisitions.
      But an indoor pool sounds great.

      1. And to echo AnotherRick’s sentiment above about DEM, if you follow DarenW(ang, not Chung)’s comments here, his shameless plugging for all things “book” is no surprise either 😉

            1. I’m predictable, if nothing else. 🙂

              Maybe I should have come out as anti-pool, just for the hell of it.

  3. So many problems, so little $$$. I agree the animal shelter is important.

    Did any of you catch the article on how libraries may benefit from the shuttering of bookstores? I only saw the headline but need to go back and find it. The title made me happy/sad.

    1. Conversely, due to the limited library acquisitions, I find myself buying more books, locally if at all possible…. I do try to pass them on via the free libraries or to the Decatur Library…

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