Decatur Craft Breweries Gear Up for Production

The Thursday release party for Blue Tarp Brewing at the Brick Store Pub got my digging for a bit more info on Decatur’s two up and coming craft breweries, the aforementioned Blue Tarp, and Three Taverns Brewery.  Well it just so happens that Atlanta Cuisine posted a Q&A with founders of both breweries earlier this month, in an article titled “Georgia’s New Beer Mecca”.

Lots of good info in there for those watching and waiting for Decatur’s local brew scene to get up and running.  Among the highlights, Three Taverns plans to distribute in both kegs and bottles and plans to begin brewing by the end of March 2013 with a to-market date of May.  Blue Tarp is already brewing – obviously based on the BSP release party – and initially will distribute in kegs with plans to add a canning line.  Blue Tarp first options will be “a more sessionable lower hop lower alcohol red ale called BantamWeight and a hoppy double IPA called Mother Hoppin’.”


8 thoughts on “Decatur Craft Breweries Gear Up for Production”

  1. Curious as to when these breweries will have facilities in Georgia. Wild Heaven is long past their projected date of actually building a facility in Avondale and the Blue Tarp founder says he hopes to have a building in Decatur “by the end of the year.”

    1. Three Taverns is outfitting their space on New Street as we speak (it’s the Push Push Theater building with a fresh, new paint job). From what I understand (though not confirmed), Blue Tarp is doing the same in a space on Sams Street.

    1. No, but thanks for the tip! I knew someone was planning something, based on Lyn Menne’s repeat appearances before the City Commission to get the ordinance clarified, but I didn’t have a name.

      Gotta be somewhere in the city’s one industrially zoned area, no?

  2. We Finished our build out in early Dec. and are in production now in Decatur. We are located at 731 E College right next to “The Sweat Box”. Right now we are producing as much as we can to feed the city with local beer.

    Build out of our tasting room will begin shortly and whould be opened for tour/tastings in the spring!

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