A Rainbow Morning

UPDATE II: Double rainbow at Winnona Park Elementary courtesy of Douglas…


Update: Billy sends in this third rainbow photo over Oakhurst Elementary…


Two different views of a massive rainbow seen around Decatur this morning.  This first one is from Steve…


And this one is from Heather as seen along Clairemont…


10 thoughts on “A Rainbow Morning”

  1. What a great start to the end of the world, no? Just kidding. I don’t believe anything will happen.

  2. My husband made me and the child still not left for school come out and look at this in the pouring rain. We groused but it was TOTALLY worth it. We’d had a hectic, hassled evening last night and this helped us put on our happy faces!

    1. It’s a symbol of God’s grace. Or it’s the end of the world. Or some leprechauns are out of their gold. Or sunlight is being refracted through suspended raindrops at just the right angle.

  3. It was actually a double rainbow, but in the photo I took you can only see the stronger one. It really was beautiful and weirdly comforting.

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