16 thoughts on “The Decatur Diner Awning Comes Down”

  1. It was the light strings and continued existence of the faux blue marble that was really making the Mrs. crazy. Looks like those are both gone as well. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see that space finished out. That patio will be rockin’ on the first warm day. Best wishes to the owners…

  3. The awning came down a while ago as far as I remember – pretty sure there even was a DM post about it! But the *paint job* is what’s definitely new and exciting. And beyond the aesthetic part of that, I am hoping it means the new Mexican place is nearly ready to open!

    1. I have to admit that thought has crossed my mind a time or two, even though (I tell myself) I’m not superstitious…

      1. Man, when I used to say spots were jinxed on West Ponce, I’d get slammed for saying that. It’s survival of the fittest and none of the businesses were fit enough. But I actually don’t think that corner is jinxed, Atlanta Bread Company was there for many years. And wasn’t either Final Touch or Seventeen Steps there once before they moved on?

        1. Seventeen Steps was there. Final Touch was where Cafe Lily is now, and then it moved to where LSOS is now.

  4. Oh just wait until the pink green and orange paint comes out. Maybe that’s what will make the patio service so “exciting”?

  5. You used that arriviste’s photo instead of mine, DM? Always good to know who’s got one’s back.

    1. Mar = sea. Mare = horse.

      I am guessing they are going for the former. 😉

      No word, as far as I know …

    2. The Mar website went from opening November 2012 to Winter 2012. I run by there in the mornings and they had just finished painting the decal on the wall facing Las Brasas and someone came by and tagged underneath it with black spray paint on a brand new white wall. It’s been painted over now, but I’m guessing that set them back a good month or two.

      I’m pretty excited about it opening. If they make good food, it’s got a lot of promise.

  6. It looks like there’s some activity at the place on the corner there, across from the Trinity triangle–it was a hair place I think and a frame shop before that and I can’t remember what it was before that. But if I’m not mistaken the marketing poster from City of Decatur (explaining how great it is to own a business in Decatur) was gone last Friday and it looked like a bunch of stuff (furniture? boxes?) had been moved in. Anyone know what’s going in there? I love that space.

    1. Sorry, I’m talking about the space down from Mar and Las Brasas. Looks like the edit feature has disappeared.

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