Chase Bank Coming to Emory Commons

Yesterday we asked, “What’s going on at Emory Commons?”.  Last night we got a detailed reply from Tomorrow’s News Today.  It reads in part…

Chicago, Illinois-based Chase Bank plans to continue their Atlanta expansion with the opening of a freestanding location at Selig’s Publix-anchored Emory Commons shopping center. The center sits at the corner of North Decatur and Clairmont Roads and is frequented by Emory students as well as intown residents from nearby Decatur.

8 thoughts on “Chase Bank Coming to Emory Commons”

    1. Yes. But it’s a very small store. Really, just a guy in a Hawaiian shirt with a bell and a case of Two Buck Chuck.

  1. What’s the name “Chase” about? Is it an evolution of Chase Manhattan? Or just trying to give off that aura? Or named after a Mr. or Ms. Chase?

    1. I know, right!? I found that out on a prior post and was shocked myself. I associate certain banks, with certain cities. Chase says NYC to me.

  2. It won’t be “nearby Decatur” for long… One of us, one of us… (At least we know they will be able to afford the rent increase).

  3. For some reason I first read this as “cheese bank coming to Emory Commons” and thought, “I don’t know exactly what a cheese bank is, but it sounds most cool.” Oh well.

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