Best YouTube Videos of 2012

OK, it’s that time of year again.  Time to make our own little “best of” lists for the year!  In the past we’ve stuck mostly to old media (movies, books, music). This year however, I thought it might be fun to broaden the scope a bit and pay homage to the world wide web.

So without further ado, I ask you, dear readers, what were your favorite YouTube Videos of 2012?  (And P.S., it didn’t need to be published on YouTube in 2012 to qualify.  You just had to discover it then.)

For now, I’ll throw in this Jimmy Kimmel video from a week or so back.

FYI, you can post videos in your comments!  Just use the “embed” option under “Share” on the YouTube page to get the code.  Then just change the video width to around 500 and you should be good to share your favorite videos with the group!

40 thoughts on “Best YouTube Videos of 2012”

    1. a big +1
      I say if we’re gonna listen to age-worn Christmas songs we’re kind of tired of, then let’s listen to them played by fine musicians.

    2. Yes! God, we played this EVERY year to end our holiday concert. Big thrill for the trumpet section was fighting over who got to play the horse’s whinny at the end.

    1. Hard to beat a good Triumph skit. His skits from a Bon Jovi concert and from a gathering of Star Wars fans were high water marks.

      1. The Westminster Dog Show bits from Triumph are also classic. And I couldn’t watch Bon Jovi on the 12-12-12 thing last night without hearing Triumph yelling “Richie Sambucaaaaaa!”.

  1. Awesome! Man that Jimmy Fallen can sing. The chorus reminds me of Decatur kids, no ugly ducklings just beautiful kids. The only thing that could make this thing triple awesome is someone, maybe the lady in the middle, playing a cowbell, you know, like Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen”.

    1. All of my favorites are Jimmy Fallon: Ben & Jerry’s, Tebowie and of course Neil Young singing Pants on the Ground.

        1. Fallon’s show is very hit or miss imo. He’s a terrible interviewer and his monologues are usually dull. But when music is involved, he can be brilliant. That “Tebowie” bit was the funniest thing on late night since Amy Poehler’s Sara Palin rap on SNL.

    1. Giggled a LOT at this. And felt a little foolish too. I get Williams&Sonoma catalogs and have occasionally been convinced that I could be a great cook if only I had their $129.99 handcrafted, imported, stainless steel implement. My favorite line and there were many favorites was the comment: “Everyone go to your nearest Williams-Sonoma store and grab every catalog (do they call it a catalogue?) they have. Carry at least one around at all times, so the next time any person starts talking about repealing Obamacare and how the government has no place telling rich people how to spend their money, just hand them one of these.”

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