Oakhurst Elementary Collecting New Pajamas for Needy Children

From CSD…

Oakhurst Elementary has teamed up with the nonprofit branch of Carter’s to sponsor a pajama drive for children around the country who are currently facing challenging situations, including those recovering from the devastating impact of Super Storm Sandy.

Oakhurst welcomes community support of its pajama drive which lasts until Friday, December 14th. Would you like to participate? The greatest need is for new pajamas for school-age children (sizes 6 to 14), but sizes from infant to adult (for teenagers) will also be put to very good use. Oakhurst has a donation box set up in the front hallway of the school, so please join in Oakhurst’s spirit of service and compassion and help them fill up the box with new pajamas! http://oakhurst.csdecatur.net/

8 thoughts on “Oakhurst Elementary Collecting New Pajamas for Needy Children”

  1. Great idea! Yeah, Oakhurst school community! When I sell my kids’ clothes at consignment stores or sales, pajamas are always snatched up. Children need something comfy to wear to be so they sleep well and their everyday clothes stay fresh.

  2. Interesting… A pajama maker has teamed up in a drive for folks to buy… new pajamas! And this is the non-profit branch of Carter’s how? Couldn’t Carter’s just donate factory seconds to the cause?

    1. Might be difficult to read this from up on your high horse, but possibly of interest… paragraph below is about Carter’s Pajama Program, one of half a dozen charitable initiatives described at the corporate website: http://www.carters.com/Corporate-Site-Community-Landing-Page/corporateCommunity,default,pg.html

      In America, over 500,000 children live in homeless shelters, group homes or foster care programs. These children are often taken from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They live in shelters and temporary housing with nothing to call their own. The Pajama Program is a national organization whose mission is to distribute new pajamas and new books to children in need across the country. By partnering with the Pajama Program, Carter’s is able to provide cozy warm pajamas to our country’s most vulnerable children. In addition to donating pajamas for 100,000 children, we’ve engaged our customers through an online and in-store drive, and through those efforts, raised $100,000 for the organization in 2011.

      1. +1 And it’s a rare business that doesn’t have an ounce of self-interest in its charitable activities. At the least, businesses want recognition of their contributions. And often it improves their branding and name recognition. Think Chick Fil A school nights, Boxtops for Education, (Campbells) Labels for Education, Revolution doughnuts donations to PTA events, True Blue Schools (Georgia Gas) etc.

        I’d rather a world where no children were without decent pajamas and schools were adequately funded and teachers didn’t have to dip into their own purses for tissues, pencils, and paper, but since that’s not the world we’ve got, I’m not going to turn my nose up at corporate contributions (as long as there aren’t untoward strings attached)!

    2. The service project is designed for kindergarten students in particular to become excited about helping those in need, and to encourage the rest of Oakhurst to do the same. I believe a parent who works for Carter’s has been helping to organize it, and Carter’s is matching the donations that the students make.

  3. Hey STG: I looked in vain for that very evidence of corporate beneficence on the Oakhurst Elementary site before I posted, so thanks for that. Perhaps I should have ended the post with a smiley face?

    1. I misinterpreted your tone, sorry about that. I didn’t even think to check the school website, but any time a corporation is doing–or pretending to do–good works in the community, they will be tooting their horn about it at their own website. They will naturally put the grandest spin possible on whatever they’re doing, but I am pretty impressed with the range of projects that Carter’s underwrites.

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