It’s Literally Wednesday: Looking for Info on Author Margaret Anne Barnes

is out Christmas shopping today.  [Editor’s Note: But here’s an email that DM received this morning from a reader with a literary angle.]

I recently found a signed copy of Margaret Anne Barnes’ autobiography, A Buzzard Is My Best Friend, on my mom’s bookshelf. Ms. Barnes died in 2007 and was best known for her novel, Murder in Coweta County, which was turned into a movie. I decided to look her up online and learned that she lived in Decatur and died at Emory Hospital. Now I’m curious whether any of your readers knew her and/or knows where she lived.

Incidentally, the book initially belonged to my uncle, to whom it was inscribed. In her inscription, Ms. Barnes mentioned the Amos family, the founders of AFLAC, for whom my uncle worked. Apparently, she was a close personal friend of that family.

In addition to learning about where she lived, I’d love to hear anything else anyone may know about her life. Thanks,


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  1. Margaret Anne Barnes lived across the street from my husband’s childhood home on Kathryn Avenue. All he had to say about her was that she told on him once when she saw him climbing on the roof. He said his mother would likely be able to provide more information.

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