8 thoughts on “Eye on the North Pole”

    1. Heh. I’m firmly in the “You shouldn’t lie to your children, and telling them all of that baloney about Santa Claus is lying to your children” camp.

      1. Ha. When I tried to tell one of my offspring about Santa, the response was “No, he’s real. It’s the Easter Bunny that isn’t”. And that was that.

        1. My younger son knows that the tooth fairy isn’t real, but he still had fun writing her a note telling her “Don’t leave me money. Leave me a coke.” He wanted to put his tooth in it and see if it would dissolve.

  1. Love seeing this- it was an annual tradition when the boys were still boys and not grown men. We even got letters back from Santa. Looking forward to one day having grandchildren and carrying on the tradition.

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