Boxer Found Without Collar on Scott Boulevard

Robin writes in…

Hi Neighbors!

I found a beautiful, sweet Boxer running loose without a collar along Scott Blvd around 10:00 am this morning (N. side, between Ace Hardware & Superior). No dermal tag found by vet.

Please call: 404.858.3292

10 thoughts on “Boxer Found Without Collar on Scott Boulevard”

  1. I live near there and noticed a boxer in its yard in one of the houses on Scott – about 3 or 4 from the intersection with Willow (on the left if traveling east) Sunday around Noon – 1PM while out walking my own.

    House with chainlink fenced back yard. It may be worth a flyer in mailboxes in those houses

  2. Heard people frantically calling a dog today, and my backyard backs onto those houses along Scott. I live on willow. You might notify Clairemont animal, and put a notice up in the hardware store.

    1. Yep! Here’s Robin’s email to me this morning…

      I am delighted to report that ‘Luka’ , the Boxer, was joyfully reunited with her family yesterday evening thanks to you & your community of readers!!!

      I received a call from a kindhearted DM reader who’d seen a flyer at the Decatur YMCA re: a missing boxer. She called me with the number on the sheet & it was a match! Happy day 🙂

      Thank you so much for the timely post… it made all the difference.



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