No. 246 Weekend “Pastry Window” Opens Tomorrow

No.246 and pastry chef Taria Camerino, formerly of Sugar Coated Radical, are opening up a weekend pastry window at the front of the restaurant starting this weekend.  Here are the details from a press release this morning…

No. 246 will debut its new pastry windows this weekend, displaying jars of candy, rows of cookies and stands filled with assorted “dry” pastries at the front of the restaurant. Baked goods include:

  • Cranberry clafoutis
  • Sugared brioche
  • Apple tart
  • Pistachio cannoncini
  • Raisin brioche
  • Chocolate black pepper sable
  • Potato, onion and blue cheese turnover
  • Pasticciotto
  • Donuts

Guests passing by can easily stop in and select a pastry to enjoy with a coffee or cocktail or purchase one of the prepackaged bags or boxes to go. For now, the pastry windows are only making weekend appearances, adding an extra sweet note to Saturdays and Sundays in Decatur.

“Homage to cannoli” Photo courtesy of No.246’s Facebook page

23 thoughts on “No. 246 Weekend “Pastry Window” Opens Tomorrow”

  1. This place is REALLY growing on me. But there’s some pastry terminology I’ve got to look up. Or maybe I just have to experience it!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. As if things weren’t bad enough with Cakes & Ale bakery being all delicious and pleasant and convenient.

      1. Yes! I freaking love that place. I guess there will just be more of Decatur (and me) to love.

  2. Bakery at Cakes and Ale vs. Pastry Window at 246.

    J_T vs. 36 inch waistline pants.

    I don’t know who’ll win the first battle but I know who’s favored in the second.

  3. Awww yeah, it’s on like Grey Poupon, Cakes & Ale!

    Much as I love the mothership and David Sweeney’s lunches, I have always found the pastry action at C&A to be, well, underwhelming.

    1. Fair warning, Michael, but I would refrain from expressing such opinions if you are ever in Mrs. J_T’s presence! And personally, that creme filled ginger snap thing they’ve recently had may be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

      1. I agree about the gingersnap. And my husband brought home a few of the chocolate raspberry macaroons the other day….YUM!

  4. Those are cannoli in the photo? Look more like Italian cream horns (Cornetti de Crema).
    Makes me a wee bit suspicious of 246’s Italian bona fides…..
    Then again, maybe these are called cannoli in a different part of Italy.

    1. The photo and menu properly call them “cannoncini” which is evidently another name for cream horns (Wikipedia). I don’t think 246 is trying to pass them off as cannoli, rather it’s saying “In honor of cannoli, here’s our cannoncini”. Whether or not that sentiment makes sense is another story. I like a good classic cannoli but there’s a lot of bad faux cannoli around lately. The cannoncini look different from cannoli but good. I don’t remember cannoncini or cornet de crema from my Little Italy days in NYC but then again I was obsessed with cannoli and probably didn’t look any farther.

        1. Ah man, I don’t remember although I believe I could still walk there. There were two places. I do however remember the name of the boyfriend who first took me to Chinatown for dinner and Little Italy for dessert! 🙂

  5. I hope they make some Sbrisolona but not too often! I’m already using the treadmill just to keep pace with my sweet tooth.

  6. 246 donated Chocolate Olive Oil Cakes to the Clairemont Marketplace. They were so lovely….they almost brought me to tears.

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