How to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday in Decatur

OK, so tomorrow is the 3rd annual official “Small Business Saturday”, created by American Express back in 2010 to give small businesses the exposure at the height of the holiday shopping season.  Here’s what you need to know to make the most of it (read: get the most free/discounted stuff while supporting local businesses)

If you have an American Express card, GO HERE right now and register your card.  Then when you spend $25 or more at a local business around Decatur or elsewhere tomorrow (and tomorrow ONLY), you will receive a $25 credit on your Amex statement some time in the next 8 weeks.

(You may want to steer clear of using Amex’s “Find out where to shop” map.  It’s still got “El Tesoro” as a “Buy Local” option, along with some other shops that have never existed!)

And don’t forget, the City of Decatur has gotten on the Small Business Saturday bandwagon this year too, with events on Decatur Square and in Harmony park tomorrow.   Also, the city is offering shoppers a $20 gift card to a local Decatur restaurant if you bring in at least $200 in November receipts from Decatur shops to the 2nd floor of city hall.

10 thoughts on “How to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday in Decatur”

  1. The Decatur-Avondale Patch has a pretty accurate list posted right now. Also, most of the participating stores have Small Business Saturday doormats out front and Keep It Indie-Catur stickers on their windows

  2. Best deal IMHO is the $20 gift card per $200 spent in November in a Decatur shop (not restaurant or bar). If you really scour your credit card records and the receipts languishing in your not yet discarded shopping bags, you’ll be surprised how much you might come up with. Think Greene’s, Little Shop of Stories, Sawicki’s, Squash Blossom, Wild Oats, Homegrown, Heliotrope, Feather Baby, Oakhurst Market, Family Dollar, Cook’s Warehouse, Fleet Feet, Big Peach, One Step at a Time, etc . Not sure if Little Kroger or hair/nail/body salons count.

    1. The “not restaurant or bar” stipulation is a damn joke. We’d qualify for 2 or 3 gift cards with our receipts from Trackside alone. Probaly a few more if you throw in Big Tex, Sapori and the Bakery at Cakes and Ale. But buying actual “stuff”? That’s what Walmart, IKEA and the internet are for!

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