Happy Thanksgiving!

Our best to you and yours!  As a small gift, here are a few Thanksgiving poems for you courtesy of the Poetry Foundation.

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Awesome Traditional Thanksgiving Poem! Also a great dog name, Jowler. Yowzah!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. At National Review Online (along with DecaturMetro, a website I visit everyday), Rachel Campos-Duffy suggests another famous lyric that is suitable for a Thanksgiving poem:

    “ . . . Land where our fathers died!
    Land of the Pilgrims’ pride!
    From every mountain side,
    Let freedom ring!”

    Oh sweet land of liberty! On this Thanksgiving Day, I pray that we always remain a free people.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, DM peeps! (LOVED “Yam”– how have I never read this poem???) T-minus 20 minutes till dinner– the family is pawing at the dirt, so I’m off. Enjoy the day, everybody!

  4. Don’t jump the gun, son. My homeboy Riley’s poem is about the punkin with frost on, not off.

    By the way, during Thanksgiving a co-worker brought a treat called “cream cheese squares,” so dreamy with soft frosted cream, and with pumpkin on–put me to sleep over my papers.

  5. The Robert Frost is wonderful. And Over the River, I’ve known since I was a child. My mother used to recite the whole thing.. I don’t think I ever heard the writer’s name before. Lovely.

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