You Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Do you have a go-to favorite recipe that you like to prepare for Thanksgiving?  Share it here and help out a fellow neighbor or two who’s still looking for some last minute inspiration!

18 thoughts on “You Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes”

  1. I have a favorite leftover recipe: Turkey shepard’s pie. Tastes great and uses most of your leftovers in one dish.

    Sweat onion, carrots, celery in saute pan
    Dice leftover turkey; add to pan
    add just about any herbs and seasonings you like
    add leftover gravy
    I like to add frozen peas too
    pour mixture into casserole dish
    top with your leftover mashed potatoes, and cheese (optional)
    bake for about 45 minutes

  2. Waldorf Salad — apples, celery, pecans, mayonnaise — start tossing apples with a touch of mayonnaise as you chop them to keep them from starting to brown before you get the celery & pecans added

    Asparagus-and-English-pea-casserole — family tradition we can’t determine origin but sister and I can’t feel like we’ve had T’giving without it — 1 can of English peas, drained, arranged in casserole dish; 1 can of asparagus spears, drained, on top of peas; 1 can of mushroom soup; another can of peas, another can of asparagus, another can of soup; top with solid layer of crumbled saltine crackers. Bake approx 35-45 min at whatever temp you’re cooking the dressing and finishing the turkey (300-350, probably). Can be done in toaster oven if oven is full, but be careful not to scorch the top! Let sit while getting last-minute stuff done.

    Everything else is negotiable.

      1. It does indeed. And it is life-changing. If you do decide to make it, my advice:

        – Use the cheeses it recommends (a good sharp white cheddar and gruyere). Don’t skimp or substitute. We tried it once and it blew the dish. Buy hunks at YDFM or Costco (where it is cheapest) and use a food processor to shred it if you can, as doing that volume by hand is a chore.
        – Make your own breadcrumbs. It’s actually really easy (we use Pepperidge Farm Country White for this), and you really taste the difference.
        – Macaroni works fine, of course, but we actually really like it with cavatappi or short fusili, which is kind of a longer corkscrew tube pasta.

  3. Gin.

    It’s a treasured family recipe, nurtured and developed over many years of coexisting with my batsh!t crazy in-laws.

    Cheers, y’all.

    1. I hear ya, though I recommend sticking to Land Shark Lager. If that ain’t strong enough, break out the limes and the Margaritaville Gold Tequila!

    2. It took me years to realize how much better extended family events go when accompanied by a glass or two of wine to take off the edge.

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